Essential Guide to Norway Emergency Number

In an emergency in Norway, knowing the right number to call is crucial. The emergency contact number is 112. This connects you to the police, fire department, or medical help. For your safety, it’s smart to keep this number handy when visiting Norway.

Remember to either memorize or save 112 in your phone before your trip. This ensures you’re ready if you ever need help in Norway.

Key Takeaways

  • The national emergency number in Norway is 112.
  • Dialing 112 connects you to the police, fire department, or medical services.
  • Memorize or save the emergency number in your phone before traveling to Norway.

Emergency Services in Norway

Norway’s emergency system puts people first. The number 112 is for all emergencies. It links you to police, fire, or medical help, which you need.

Stay calm when you call for help. Be clear about what’s happening. The operators are ready for all kinds of emergencies. They will send help quickly. This quick response system keeps everyone safe.

If you need urgent medical help, or have seen a crime, call 112. This connects you to the right emergency team. Norway’s services are well-organized. They act fast to save lives and limit damage.

Being Prepared for Emergencies

Norway’s help is reliable, but being ready is smart. Know your way out and where to get help. Keep important papers safe, like your ID and travel insurance.

Also, having good travel insurance is important. It covers medical needs and lost items. This way, you’re protected if problems come up during your trip to Norway.

Knowing about 112 and preparing for emergencies is key. Being ready keeps you safe in Norway. Remember, being ready and staying alert helps everyone handle emergencies better.

Medical Assistance in Norway

Norway offers top-notch public healthcare, also welcoming tourists. If you face a health emergency, head to the nearest medical center or hospital. Here, the emergency room, called “Legevakt”, handles serious conditions.

The Legevakt in Oslo sits at Storgaten 40 and is open 24/7. This means you can get help any time of day. Other cities, like the beautiful Bergen, have their own emergency rooms too.

Getting medical help in Norway is easy, but it can be costly if you’re not from there. To avoid big bills, be sure to get good travel insurance. This should cover medical needs while you’re traveling.

Other Emergency Contacts in Norway

Norway has various hotlines for different emergencies, besides the main national number. It’s wise to know these contacts. Save them in your phone for quick access if you ever need them.

For police assistance:

  • Norway Police Hotline: Dial 112

For fire emergencies:

  • Norway Fire Department Contact: Dial 110

Need help from the police urgently? Just dial 112 for the Norway Police Hotline. It works 24/7 and gets you in touch with help fast. Use it for issues such as theft, fights, or other crimes.

Got a fire to deal with? Call 110 for the Norway Fire Department Contact. They’ll send help to stop the fire before it gets out of control.

Use these numbers only in real emergencies. Knowing them helps you act quickly. This keeps you and others safe in dangerous moments.

Travel Insurance and Safety Precautions

In Norway, keeping safe is essential. Make sure you have travel insurance that includes various emergencies. This way, you are prepared for anything unexpected.

Choose a travel insurance policy that covers medical, trip cancellations, and lost items. This ensures you are financially protected against unforeseen events.

Being safe improves your visit and avoids dangers. Remember these key safety tips:

  1. Always be alert, especially in busy places or on public transport.
  2. Watch your things carefully. While Norway is safe, theft can happen in crowded spots.
  3. Don’t show off expensive items like phones or jewelry to avoid theft.

Following these tips lowers your risk of problems in Norway.

Emergency Contact Information

Know Norway’s 112 for immediate help. Save this contact in your phone. Stay calm and provide clear details when you call.

Operators are ready to assist and will send help quickly.

Importance of Being Prepared

Preparation is vital for any emergency. Besides insurance and the emergency number, learn about local medical and police help.

If you have health issues, remember to bring your medications and documents. This ensures you get proper care quickly.

Emergency Services Emergency Contact Number
Police 112
Fire Department 110
Ambulance/Emergency Medical Services 112


When you travel to Norway, knowing emergency contact info is key. Dial 112 for help from police, fire, or medical aid. Always keep this number close for emergencies.

It’s wise to get travel insurance. This should cover health costs and unexpected events. It will give you peace of mind on your trip. Also, be cautious and keep your stuff safe to boost your safety.

Being ready with emergency numbers, having insurance, and staying safe make for a great trip to Norway. Have fun and keep safe above all.


What is the national emergency number in Norway?

The emergency number in Norway is 112. It connects you to the police, fire, or medical help immediately.

How do I contact the police in Norway in case of an emergency?

If you need the police in Norway fast, just dial 112. This number is a direct line to the police in emergencies.

What number should I dial in case of a fire emergency in Norway?

For fire help in Norway, call 110 right away. This number puts you in touch with the fire department for urgent aid.

Where can I seek medical assistance in Norway in case of an emergency?

For medical emergencies, go to the nearest hospital or medical center. The “Legevakt” operates 24/7 for severe injuries. In Oslo, find the Legevakt at Storgaten 40.

Is healthcare in Norway expensive for non-residents?

Yes, healthcare can be costly for visitors in Norway. Getting travel insurance is a smart choice. It protects you financially in case of a healthcare emergency.

What other emergency contacts should I be aware of in Norway?

Remember, you can dial 112 for police help and 110 for fire issues in Norway. Use these numbers for immediate police or fire services.

What are some essential safety precautions to take while in Norway?

Watch your surroundings and keep your valuables hidden. Avoid showing off expensive items. These steps help keep you safe and enjoy your time in Norway.

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