Job Seeking Help

Job Seeker Course And Help In Norway

We provide a job seeker course and assistance to anyone looking for work and requiring assistance with the job search process in Norway. In the course, we will provide you with information on various crucial topics related to the job search process in Norway.

We have extensive expertise in assisting people in gaining confidence in the job search process in Norway, and we will help you find and apply for positions in Norway that are also a good fit for you. 

We will give you confidence when you go out and apply for jobs in Norway, and we will educate you on what should be in an application and how to draught the application for each position you are applying for. We will also help you prepare for the job interview.

The CV, application, and LinkedIn profile should all look professional and be related. We help you to grasp what employers in Norway are looking for in job listings.

You may be unfamiliar with Norwegian work culture, but this course will help you better grasp the connection between managers and employees in Norway. Our job seeker course will also teach you common interview questions and how to prepare for a job interview.

  1. The job seeker course contains:
  2. Where can I locate job openings in Norway?
  3. How to write an effective resume
  4. How to write an effective application
  5. Make a LinkedIn profile.
  6. What do employers look for in job candidates?
  7. Job interview and interview preparation
  8. Workplace culture in Norway
  9. Template CV and application examples
  10. Private career guidance on Zoom or at the Norwegian Language School.

When you have a course with us, it is for a limited period. The course’s start date and end date are specified in the email you receive

You can extend your access to the assistance by purchasing extra months.


Private Job Seeking Assistance

This private tutoring job search course is aimed at those who need job interview preparation or aid in completing a job application or CV. We will help you with whatever you need. You are free to reserve as many hours as you want.

 One hour 950,- kr. The total price will be calculated from hours multiplied with the hourly rate.

  • 2 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 20 hours