Company Courses

We offer classes both in a physical classroom and online. Instead of having to show up at a specific location, our online courses gives you a lot more flexibility. 

We provide Norwegian training that is specifically customized to the demands of your company. Norwegian language skills are required to advance in the workplace in Norway, as well as for functioning fully in Norwegian society. Improving your business vocabulary and general Norwegian knowledge will allow you to work more efficiently and bring new employment opportunities.

We at the Norwegian Language School provide high-quality Norwegian language courses to individuals and companies. Our courses include popular conversation courses and practical grammar lessons.

We create tailor-made courses with work-oriented Norwegian that is used in your workplace, both online and in a classroom or in your company.

Norwegian business courses

We prepare Norwegian courses tailored to your industry. These courses include:

  • Craftsmen
  • Medical personnel
  • Construction
  • Teaching and Education
  • Industry workers
  • Restaurant and Hotel industries
  • Other occupations

The courses facilitate language training that is highly useful for the workplace. We also include elements in our courses that deal with specific language in applications, emails, presentations, etc.  Strong Norwegian language ability is vital so workers may understand each other and learn to have fluent communication with colleagues, clients, etc.

Get in touch with us today, and we will find out where we can help you and your employees with Norwegian language training.our

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