General Rules, Payment Policy & Cancellation Policy

General Rules

Students accept responsibility for maintaining awareness of class dates, days, times, hours, and course duration when registering for courses at the Norwegian Language School. Individual students are responsible for providing accurate personal information through which they can be contacted. It is also the student’s responsibility to notify the school if there are any changes so that the Norwegian School can stay in touch with students about course announcements and dates.

All requests made to the school will only be considered valid if communicated in writing via email, including course postponements and rescheduling.

Under certain conditions, course instructors and locations may be changed. Course registration is only confirmed in the registrant’s name and cannot be transferred to other students. Guests of students are not permitted to join classes no matter if it is online or in a physical classroom unless expressly granted in advance by the school.

The original materials of the Norwegian Language School may not be shared with third parties, either physically or digitally. Failure to comply will be deemed a breach of confidentiality, and the Norwegian Language School may pursue additional legal action.

The Norwegian Languages School has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination against staff, teachers, or students based on race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in the student’s expulsion from school and possible further legal action.

Students who have completed at least 85% of the course at the end of each level will receive a course certificate upon written request to

The Norwegian Language School reserves the right to withhold the participant’s course certificate if the student has not completed the course payment in full.

One Norwegian group lesson equals 2×45 minutes of instruction in standard group classes. One teaching hour = 45 minutes. For private lessons, one teaching hour is 45 minutes. Each lesson necessitates the participant bringing all required course materials. If a student forgets their materials at home, they can borrow a copy from the Norwegian Language School, which must be returned at the end of the class.

The school reserves the right to edit course dates, schedules, or information on the website if there are typos, errors, omissions, or other mistakes.

Students must arrive on time for class. The teacher will issue an official warning for disturbing the class if the student is repeatedly late (more than 15 minutes).

Students are asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the course begins and no later than 15 minutes after the course starts. All phones must be set to vibrate mode while in class to avoid disturbing others.

The school reserves the right to change start dates, times, and teachers. In such cases, students will be offered seats in other groups or schedules, choosing between course postponement or other suggested course continuation options.

The Norwegian Language School’s primary purpose is to efficiently teach all interested students Norwegian. Thus, the school reserves the right to pick its clients and reject any course registration providing a refund for classes yet to be attended, if the student’s goals or values are not aligned with the school’s. Classes already taken will not be refunded.

Course participants agree to receive emails, SMS messages, and phone calls from the Norwegian Language School about current and upcoming programs when they register.

The student accepts that the school might take images or films while participating in Norwegian Languages School’s courses or activities. To avoid being included in these photos or videos, send a written request to

Students accept registration and accept that the school stores personal information provided to us directly and voluntarily by students in our database.

Policy on postponement and rescheduling

Students who wish to postpone the progression of course packages can do so for a processing fee of NOK 2500 or for free if they notify us 14 days before the course begins. Such requests must be submitted to and approved by the Norwegian Language School via email confirmation. The notice must be sent in writing to

If a student has already paid for a course, they may postpone the start date for up to six months.

Payment Policies

Payments for courses made using any of the Norwegian Language School’s payment methods including invoices must be received by the first day of class. If payment is not received by the deadline, the Norwegian Language School reserves the right to charge the student’s pre-registered bank card. If payment is not received 14 days after the payment deadline, unpaid invoices may be sent to collection authorities after one payment reminder.

Except for those who register for a starting term at the last minute, all invoices are due in two days. Payment is due before the first day of class in such cases. Invoice payments will incur a processing fee of NOK 29,- which will be added to the invoice.

Any discounted course or level package cannot be refunded or cancelled.

Discounts and promotions are not transferable to family members, spouses, or friends.

Discounts cannot be applied after enrolling in a course.

All discounts must be applied via the website’s registration form when registering.

Norwegian Language School provides group discounts for groups of four or more people.

If there is a promotion with a discount, for example, Black Friday, the discount given is only valid for one payment. If someone signs up for one period, there is no discount for the continuing period when the first period is finished. Example: If you sign up for a 6-month group class and you do not cancel the subscription before the period ends, you will receive a new invoice for the new period without a discount (original price).

Policy on Cancellation

According to the Norwegian “angrerett” (right to withdraw): Registrations carried out on NLS Norwegian Language School’s website are subject to the Norwegian «right to withdraw» (Angreretten) kap.6 § 20. According to the law, the withdrawal deadline is 14 days (as in Chapter 6 § 21) from the day the language course participant paid and registered for the course at the NLS Norwegian Language School. The withdrawal form should be filled out and then submitted by the deadline at the latest. You will find the “right to withdraw” form here. Could you fill it out and return it to us? The form can be emailed to, or delivered to Tordenskiolds gate 2, 0160 Oslo. According to § 26 of “Angreretten,” the participant must pay for all sessions held before the date of exercising the right to withdraw.

You only have the right of withdrawal if you have purchased an item outside our fixed point of sale (school) or through “distance selling” where you, as the customer, or we, as the seller, do not meet physically. Typical example booking classes on the telephone or online. If you physically have been at the school, for example, trial class, before a distance registration, you are not protected by the “angrerett” (right to withdraw) law.

If your registration is not protected by “angrerett” (right to withdraw), Registrations carried out on NLS Norwegian Language School’s premises are subject only to NLS Norwegian Language School’s own resignation conditions:

There is no room for cancellation of NLS Norwegian Language School’s course bookings.

Even if students do not attend or participate in the course, they must still complete the course payment if the cancellation occurs later than 30 days before the planned course. To cancel a course formally, a written inquiry must be submitted via a form.

Students who have purchased package courses are required to complete the entire program. If exceptional circumstances disrupt the student’s study program, the course may be discontinued case-by-case. A medical proof from the doctor must be provided. Under these conditions, students must still pay the invoices for completed levels and a 40% cancellation fee on the total amount for non-attended levels. This only applies to students who choose to pay in instalments.

For those who signed up for classes and have received an admission letter used for visitor visa application, your payment includes a 40% non-refundable cancellation fee for the classes you have not taken. You can refund 60% of the course fee of classes that are yet to be taken if needed, for example, if a public school admission has been canceled, a visa application is denied, etc. The refund is only eligible for classes not taken. To be eligible for a refund, you must also provide a letter from a public school that says you have been denied admission or UDI stating that your visa was denied, etc.

Cancellation of any course is only accepted via our form or in email. Cancellation fees will be calculated using the original levels/course prices, not the discounted offers.

Students can freeze/postpone their course and continue at a later date with no additional fees if an unforeseen situation causes the course interruption from the schools’ side, or they can choose to continue their course online format. The student can only postpone classes up to 2 times, at the latest 2 months after payment.

To avoid paying for the booked class, cancel privately scheduled courses/hours at least 24 hours in advance. If the school is not notified in time, or if the student fails to attend the private class, the booked class will be forfeited, with no right to reschedule/recover or refund.

Online Norwegian Preparation Course

If a student chooses the Online Norwegian Test Preparation Course package A2-B1 or B1-B2, the times for the courses will be provided from the school. After the buying this course, the student cannot cancel it and student fee cannot be refunded.

Group for weekly live lessons with our teachers

The payment to access to our exclusive group for weekly live lessons with our teachers is a one-time payment, and cannot be cancelled or refunded. The times for the lessons will be published by the school, and the student have to agree on the times provided.

Updated: 22.05 2024