Private Tutoring - Job Seeking Course

This private tutoring job search course that we at Norwegian Language School offer is aimed at those who need job interview preparation for jobs in Norway or help finding available vacancies in Norway. It is also for those who need aid in completing a job application or CV. 

Do you want to move to Norway but need a job offer? Do you need help finding work in Norway but don’t have a job offer? Then the Job Seeking Assistance Course will help you how to prepare for a job interview in Norway, where to find vacancies in Norway, how to write a good job application in Norway! We understand the Norwegian labor market and the job-search process.
We show you how to apply for jobs in Norway and help you have good and optimized CVs and cover letters.

You can decide yourself what you want to use the  Job Seeking Assistance Course to do. It is up to you! We will do our best to help you!