Learn Chinese

1 to 1 Private Classes

Step into the world of Chinese with our bespoke 1 to 1 classes. Chinese, a language with rich historical and cultural significance, offers unique challenges and rewards. Our tailored classes focus on your individual needs, whether you’re beginning to learn Mandarin or advancing towards fluency. Emphasize on mastering tones, characters, and idiomatic expressions under the guidance of our experienced tutors. With personalized attention, you’ll develop a deep understanding of both the language and the culture.

Price: 99 Euro/hour

Group Classes

Discover the nuances of Chinese in our interactive group classes. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to engage in a multicultural learning environment, perfect for those who thrive in social settings. You’ll practice Mandarin in real-life scenarios, learn about different dialects, and explore Chinese culture. Our group classes are designed to encourage communication and collaboration, helping you build confidence in speaking, reading, and writing Chinese. Ideal for learners who seek a comprehensive, immersive experience.

Price 49 Euro/hour

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