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Norwegian Language School in Oslo is school that is dedicated to helping you learn the Norwegian language in an efficient way! We offer practical classes, both in classroom and online. Our Norwegian courses are modern and will help you improve your Norwegian conversation skills.


Frequently Asked Questions

While all languages have their challenges, Norwegian is often considered one of the easier languages for English speakers to learn due to its linguistic similarities to English. You might find certain aspects like pronunciation a bit tricky at first, but enrolling in a Norwegian class can provide the structured guidance necessary to overcome these challenges. And remember, Norwegians are generally very encouraging towards those who are trying to learn their language!

The duration of a Norwegian language course can vary greatly. It largely depends on the course intensity, your current level, and the pace at which you learn. A comprehensive beginner’s course could range from several weeks to a few months. While time is an important factor, don’t forget that the journey of language learning is not a race. Consistent progress and the joy of learning are what truly matter.

Learning Norwegian becomes simpler when you incorporate it into your everyday life. Starting with the basics of grammar and vocabulary in a structured Norwegian class is an excellent first step. From there, you can supplement your learning with various online resources. Listen to Norwegian music, watch Norwegian TV shows, and engage in Norwegian language forums. Joining a formal class will also give you a chance to interact with other learners and gain the motivation and support you need to excel.
Absolutely! With focused effort, a disciplined learning schedule, and the right resources, you can achieve a conversational level in Norwegian within a year. Attending Norwegian classes is crucial in this process as it offers systematic learning, professional guidance, and a community of co-learners. While it might be a challenge, it’s a rewarding one that comes with the exciting experience of exploring a new culture and mindset. So, go for it!
There are several ways to say “hello” in Norwegian, each with its own charm. “Hei” is the most common casual greeting, similar to “hi” in English. If you want to say “good morning,” you can use “God morgen”. In the afternoon, it becomes “God ettermiddag”, and in the evening, it’s “God kveld”. For a more formal situation, you might say “Goddag”, literally meaning “good day”. Don’t be shy to try these out – Norwegians are typically warm and friendly, and they’ll appreciate your efforts to learn their language!
Immigration to Norway is a process that requires some steps, but it’s entirely achievable. In most cases, you would need to secure a job offer, be accepted into a Norwegian educational institution, or have family in the country. Self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs also have opportunities. The procedure involves applying for the appropriate residence permit. While the process might seem complex, remember that Norway is known for its transparent and efficient bureaucratic systems. Plus, you’re working towards the prize of living in one of the world’s most stunning and prosperous nations!
Absolutely! Norway consistently ranks among the top countries for quality of life. It’s known for its extraordinary natural beauty, clean and sustainable environment, first-class healthcare and education systems, and low crime rates. Even though the cost of living is considered high, a strong welfare system and high salaries typically offset it. Norwegians hold dear a healthy work-life balance, outdoor activities, and have a deep love for their environment. If you share these values, you might find living in Norway a rewarding and fulfilling experience!

Learning Norwegian can be incredibly rewarding! It usually takes about 600-800 hours of focused study to reach a B2 level, but that time can be shorter if you use the right resources like structured Norwegian classes. These classes give you guided instruction, interactive practice, and cultural context, which makes learning faster and more enjoyable. Remember, the aim isn’t just to learn quickly but to learn well. So, start your Norwegian learning journey with excitement and persistence, and you’ll soon be speaking fluently!

Learning Norwegian is like going on an exciting adventure! If you study an hour or two every day, it might take around 10-12 months to become conversational. But joining Norwegian classes can make it even faster and better. These classes have a structured approach, real-time feedback, and chances to practice with other students, which helps you learn a lot. So, jump into the world of Norwegian, and before you know it, you’ll be speaking fluently and having a great time!

Learning Norwegian at NLS Norwegian Language School is a great and affordable opportunity! The cost is reasonable, starting at NOK 2799 per month for group classes. You’ll get two lessons each week, two hours each. You can choose to attend classes in person in Oslo or take online classes, whichever fits your lifestyle. With this high-quality and accessible education, becoming fluent in Norwegian is definitely possible!

If you want to learn Norwegian in Norway, the NLS Norwegian Language School is the perfect choice! They offer high-quality teaching for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. What makes them special is their flexibility in teaching methods. You can attend classes in person at their classrooms in Oslo, or you can join their online classes from anywhere, anytime. And the best part is, their prices are affordable, making it a great opportunity for anyone who wants to become fluent in Norwegian. With NLS Norwegian Language School, you’re not just learning a language, you’re opening yourself up to new experiences and opportunities!


What our customers say


My name is Huihui, I am from China, my English is not very good, the teacher is very patient and explained very clearly. I'm glad they offer courses from A1 to C2. You can also choose between individual instruction and group lessons. I recommend them to anyone who wants to learn Norwegian.


A very effective learning technique, a caring staff that is attentive and adaptable. We learn Norwegian culture by studying the Norwegian language. It's amazing!


I started learning Norswegian at level A2 in the autumn of 2021. I am delighted as I have already advanced to B2. Training happens at my pace and learning, and I have learned a lot. My Norwegian teacher, Jan Erik, is very professional and pleasant. For information, I tried another Norwegian school and can't say I'm happy with it. The classes at the Norwegian Language School are efficient and of high quality. If you want to learn Norwegian, I strongly recommend the Norwegian Language School!


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