The Citizenship Test in Norway - The Norwegian Test

As you probably know, "The Norwegian Test" is a test that is required in many situations for foreigners in Norway. You can apply for permanent residence and admission to educational programs after passing the Norwegian test. If you are applying for Norwegian citizenship and are between 18 and 67, you must also passed The Citizenship Test or the Social Studies Test in Norwegian. We will assist you in preparing for all these tests to achieve your goals.

You choose which level to take when taking the Norwegian test. The levels in the test are A1-A2, A2-B1, B1-B2, and C1. To gain admission to a Norwegian college or university, you must score B2 in all categories,: reading, listening, written, and spoken Norwegian.

You can apply for a permanent residence permit in Norway if you have passed the Norwegian test at level B1 in all test areas, including reading, listening, writing, and speaking. You choose which level to take when taking the Norwegian test.

Do also remember that many Norwegian employers have demands when it comes to the Norwegian level. We will provide you with certificates after you finish a Norwegian level so that you can use this as a part of your job application in Norway.

Taking the Norwegian test

When can you take the Norwegian test? You can take the Norwegian test four times a year: September, November/December, March, and May-June.

The Norwegian test is divided into two parts: One part is written, and the other part is spoken Norwegian. In the written exam, there are three areas where there is a focus on reading, writing, and listening.

Where do you register for the test? You register for the Norwegian test at Skills Norway (Kompetanse Norge). You must physically attend the test held at an adult education center in your municipality. 

Do remember that if you fail the test, you must retake it the next time it is administered.

How can the Norwegian Language School help you? We offer a variety of both in classroom and online courses to help you prepare for the Norwegian exam. The courses will significantly help with the Norwegian test at all levels. The Norwegian Test’s highest level requires you to write two texts: a complaint and an argumentative text with grammatical and sentence structure criteria.

Flexible classes: online courses or classroom instruction

The Norwegian Language School offers classes both in a physical classroom and online. This gives you a lot more freedom in your daily life. Take your Norwegian class how you like it, where you like to take it or when you want to take it!