Winter 2024 Norskprøven Session: Comprehensive Guide for Test Takers

The Winter 2024 session of Norskprøven, the official Norwegian language proficiency test, is a crucial milestone for foreigners living in Norway. This test is essential for those seeking to enhance their employment opportunities, pursue higher education, or meet residency requirements in Norway. To ensure you are thoroughly prepared, the NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo offers specialized preparation courses designed to help you succeed. This detailed guide outlines everything you need to know about the registration process, test period, results distribution, and the appeals process.

Registration Period: 28th October – 1st November 2024

Registration for the Winter 2024 Norskprøven will take place from the 28th of October to the 1st of November, 2024. It is vital to register within this five-day window, as late registrations are typically not accepted. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the registration process:

  1. Access the Official Portal: Begin by visiting the official Kompetanse Norge (Skills Norway) website, where the registration portal will be available.
  2. Create an Account or Log In: If you are a new user, create an account (opprette en konto). Returning users can log in using their existing credentials (påloggingsinformasjon).
  3. Complete the Registration Form: Fill in all required fields, including personal details such as your full name (fullt navn), date of birth (fødselsdato), and contact information (kontaktinformasjon). Specify the level of the test you wish to take (A1-A2, B1-B2, or C1).
  4. Select Test Location: Choose your preferred test center (teststed) from the list of available locations. Make sure to select a center that is convenient for you.
  5. Upload Required Documents: Ensure you upload any necessary documents, such as proof of identity (identitetsbevis, e.g., passport or national ID) and previous Norskprøven results if applicable.
  6. Pay the Registration Fee: Complete the payment process using the available payment options (betalingsalternativer). The fee varies depending on the level of the test and the location of the test center.
  7. Confirmation Email: After successful registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation email (bekreftelses-e-post). This email will contain important details about the test schedule (testplan) and further instructions.

Test Period: 2nd – 8th December 2024

The Norskprøven test period for the Winter 2024 session is scheduled from the 2nd to the 8th of December, 2024. During this week, test takers will undergo assessments in various components of the Norwegian language, including reading (lesing), writing (skriving), listening (lytting), and speaking (snakking).

Importance of Norskprøven for Foreigners in Norway: Norskprøven is a gateway to many opportunities in Norway. It is a prerequisite for applying for permanent residency (permanent oppholdstillatelse), enrolling in higher education institutions (høyere utdanningsinstitusjoner), and securing certain jobs that require proficiency in Norwegian. Achieving a high score in Norskprøven can significantly enhance your prospects in these areas.

Preparation with NLS Norwegian Language School: To maximize your chances of success, consider enrolling in preparation courses (forberedelseskurs) offered by NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo. These courses are tailored to help you master the language skills needed for the test. The experienced instructors (erfarne instruktører) at NLS provide personalized guidance and practical tips to help you excel in each component of Norskprøven.

Preparation Strategies:

  • Structured Study Plan: Develop a study plan (studieplan) that allocates adequate time to each component of the test. Ensure you cover all the topics and practice regularly.
  • Use Official Resources: Utilize official study materials (studie materiell) and practice tests available on the Kompetanse Norge website. These resources are specifically designed to align with the Norskprøven format.
  • Join Study Groups: Consider joining study groups (studiegrupper) or language exchange programs. Interacting with fellow learners can provide new insights and make studying more engaging.
  • Hire a Tutor: If possible, engage a Norwegian language tutor (norsklærer) who can provide personalized guidance and help you address your weak areas.

Test Day Guidelines:

  • Arrive Early: Plan to arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow for check-in procedures (innsjekkingsprosedyrer).
  • Bring Necessary Items: Ensure you have all required items, including your identification document (identifikasjonsdokument), confirmation email, and any permitted materials.
  • Follow Instructions Carefully: Listen attentively to the invigilators’ instructions and adhere to the test center’s rules and regulations.

Test Certificate with Results Sent: From 9th January 2025

After the test period concludes, the evaluation process (evalueringsprosessen) begins. Test takers can expect to receive their Norskprøven certificates and detailed results starting from the 9th of January, 2025. These results will be sent to the email address provided during registration and will also be accessible through the official Kompetanse Norge portal.

The certificate (sertifikat) will include:

  • Overall Score: Your comprehensive score (samlet poengsum) indicating your level of proficiency.
  • Component Scores: Detailed scores for each component (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).
  • Feedback: Specific feedback (tilbakemelding) on your performance, highlighting strengths (styrker) and areas for improvement (forbedringsområder).

This certificate is a crucial document for various purposes such as job applications (jobbsøknader), university admissions (universitetsopptak), and immigration procedures.

Deadline for Appealing Against the Result: 6th February 2025

If you believe there has been an error in the scoring of your test or if you are dissatisfied with your results, you have the right to appeal (klage). The deadline for submitting an appeal is the 6th of February, 2025. The appeal process (klageprosess) is as follows:

  1. Review Your Results: Carefully review the results and feedback provided. Identify the specific areas where you believe an error may have occurred.
  2. Submit an Appeal Request: Log into the Kompetanse Norge portal and fill out the appeal form (klageskjema). Clearly state the reasons for your appeal and specify which components you want re-evaluated.
  3. Pay the Appeal Fee: An appeal fee (klagegebyr) is required to process your request. This fee varies depending on the components you wish to appeal.
  4. Wait for the Review: The appeals committee (klagekomité) will review your request and provide a response within a stipulated time frame. You will be notified via email about the outcome of your appeal.


The Winter 2024 session of Norskprøven is a significant opportunity for foreigners in Norway to showcase their Norwegian language proficiency. By understanding and adhering to the registration deadlines, preparing diligently for the tests, and being aware of the results and appeal process, test takers can navigate this period with confidence. Enrolling in preparation courses at NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo can provide the support and resources needed to succeed. Proper preparation and a proactive approach are key to achieving success in Norskprøven and leveraging the results for academic and professional advancement.

Word List

  • Norskprøven: Norwegian language proficiency test
  • Kompetanse Norge: Skills Norway
  • opprette en konto: create an account
  • påloggingsinformasjon: login credentials
  • fullt navn: full name
  • fødselsdato: date of birth
  • kontaktinformasjon: contact information
  • teststed: test center
  • identitetsbevis: proof of identity
  • betalingsalternativer: payment options
  • bekreftelses-e-post: confirmation email
  • testplan: test schedule
  • lesing: reading
  • skriving: writing
  • lytting: listening
  • snakking: speaking
  • permanent oppholdstillatelse: permanent residency
  • høyere utdanningsinstitusjoner: higher education institutions
  • forberedelseskurs: preparation courses
  • erfarne instruktører: experienced instructors
  • studieplan: study plan
  • studie materiell: study materials
  • studiegrupper: study groups
  • norsklærer: Norwegian language tutor
  • innsjekkingsprosedyrer: check-in procedures
  • identifikasjonsdokument: identification document
  • evalueringsprosessen: evaluation process
  • sertifikat: certificate
  • samlet poengsum: overall score
  • tilbakemelding: feedback
  • styrker: strengths
  • forbedringsområder: areas for improvement
  • jobbsøknader: job applications
  • universitetsopptak: university admissions
  • klage: appeal
  • klageprosess: appeal process
  • klageskjema: appeal form
  • klagegebyr: appeal fee
  • klagekomité: appeals committee

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