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Are you ready for a new adventure this summer? Join our summer Norwegian language courses and experience the beauty of the language. These courses are perfect for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or looking to upgrade your skills. You can learn online, at your own pace, and at a time that suits you. Register here

Have you ever felt captivated by the sounds of Norwegian? Maybe you’ve heard how knowing Norwegian opens up many opportunities. From visiting Norway’s breathtaking landscapes to boosting your career. Our courses are here to help you achieve your goals.

No matter why you want to learn Norwegian, we’re here to make it happen. At the NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo, we offer top-notch courses. Our classes provide an immersive experience that will leave you enriched.

Ready to start a journey that will change how you see the world? Let’s dive into our summer Norwegian language courses. See how they can turn you into a confident Norwegian speaker.

Key Takeaways:

  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Norwegian language with our summer Norwegian language courses.
  • Learn Norwegian online at your own pace and convenience.
  • Discover the highly acclaimed NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo.
  • Choose from a range of Norwegian language programs tailored for different proficiency levels.
  • Enhance your speaking and listening skills with our conversational Norwegian course.

NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo

Welcome to NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo. Here, you’ll dive into exciting language learning. This is your chance to learn in the beautiful heart of Norway. NLS is known for top-quality education and a full set of language programs.

In lively Oslo, NLS offers various Norwegian courses. They’re perfect for anyone, whether you’re just starting or are more advanced. Learning a language isn’t just about the words. It’s also about the culture. Our teachers use fresh methods to teach language and culture together.

Studying Norwegian at NLS can be for personal joy, school, or work. This school is all about support and fun learning. Our teachers are here to cheer you on at every step.

Range of Norwegian Language Programs

NLS has something for everyone. We offer both intensive and part-time programs. What fits with your busy life? We got you!

Our courses cover listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our teaching method lets you grow step by step. Joining NLS is your start to better experiences and friendships. Leap into Norwegian to enjoy new paths and connections.

Beginner Norwegian Classes

Are you interested in learning Norwegian but don’t know where to start? If so, our beginner Norwegian classes are a perfect fit. Located in Oslo, NLS Norwegian Language School offers special courses for those beginning their language journey.

Our curriculum is made to build a solid base in Norwegian. We teach basic vocabulary, grammar, and how to say words correctly. You’ll learn through fun activities, talking with others, and acting out real-life scenarios. This approach helps our students feel at ease using Norwegian every day.

Our teachers are experts with great teaching techniques for new learners. They explain things clearly and offer lots of help. In our small classes, you get a lot of personal attention. This means you’ll have many chances to practice and improve at Norwegian.

Maybe you want to visit Norway, have friends or family there, or just love learning new languages. If so, our beginner classes are just what you need. Come to NLS Norwegian Language School and start an amazing journey into learning Norwegian!

Beginner Norwegian Classes

Are you interested in learning the Norwegian language but have no prior knowledge? Our beginner Norwegian classes are perfect for you! At NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo, we offer comprehensive courses specifically designed for individuals who are starting their language learning journey.

Our curriculum is carefully structured to ensure a strong foundation in the Norwegian language. We cover essential topics such as basic vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Through interactive exercises, role plays, and practical conversations, our students gain confidence in using Norwegian in real-life situations.

Our experienced instructors use proven teaching methods that cater to beginners. They provide clear explanations, guidance, and support to help students grasp the fundamentals of the language. With small class sizes, you’ll receive individual attention and ample opportunities to practice and improve your skills.

Whether you’re planning to visit Norway, have Norwegian friends or family, or simply want to explore a new language, our beginner Norwegian classes are the ideal starting point for your language-learning journey. Join us at NLS Norwegian Language School and embark on an exciting adventure of learning Norwegian!

Advanced Norwegian Language Program

Our advanced Norwegian program is for those with a good grasp of the language. It aims to strengthen their skills, and students will grow in areas like grammar and vocabulary.

This course includes study of literature, culture, and history. Skilled instructors offer interesting lessons and group projects. They help students think critically and take an active role in discussions.

In the program, students will master listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Norwegian. They will also participate in discussions and debates, which will further improve their language skills.

“The advanced Norwegian course at NLS was key to improving my skills. The classes were tough but also very rewarding. The teachers definitely knew their stuff and were always there to help.” – Anna, a former student.

Opportunities for Growth and Cultural Immersion

Our advanced program goes beyond the classroom. It includes trips, events, and lectures. These activities provide a deeper look into Norway’s culture and the chance to practice with locals.

“The real-life events organized by NLS let me use my Norwegian outside class. They helped me get better at speaking and understanding the language.” – Henrik, a former student.

Progress Assessment and Certification

Regular evaluations help track student progress. These include tests and projects. On finishing the course, students receive a certificate. This recognizes their hard work in learning Norwegian.

Study Norwegian Language at NLS Norwegian Language School

At our school, we are passionate about teaching the Norwegian language. We support learners at all levels. Our teachers and course offerings are here to help you reach your language goals.

Program Features Beginner Norwegian Classes Advanced Norwegian Language Program Conversational Norwegian Course
Curriculum Foundational Norwegian language skills In-depth exploration of advanced grammar, vocabulary, and cultural topics Focus on speaking and listening skills for practical conversations
Teaching Method Interactive lessons with a strong emphasis on building a solid language foundation Engaging activities and discussions to enhance language proficiency Role-plays, group discussions, and real-life scenarios for practical language practice
Opportunities Field trips, cultural events, and language exchange programs Cultural immersion activities and guest lectures Interactive speaking sessions and language exchange events
Progress Assessment Regular assessments, including exams and assignments Comprehensive evaluations of advanced language skills Continuous assessment of conversational skills

Conversational Norwegian Course

Want to boost your Norwegian speaking and listening skills? Our course is here to help. You’ll get to practice and better your language skills in real life scenarios. By taking part in fun and interactive talks, you’ll learn to speak Norwegian with confidence and fluency.

At NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo, our skilled teachers will lead you. They’ve made a program that helps you speak and understand Norwegian better. This course is for everyone, from those just starting to those more advanced.

“The conversational Norwegian course at NLS really helped me break through my language barriers. I gained the confidence to speak Norwegian in everyday situations and engage in conversations with native speakers.” – Maria, former student

This course is all about actively joining in and talking. You’ll get many chances to use your Norwegian in role-plays, talks, and group work. Being in a supportive class makes it easy to share your ideas and talk well with your classmates.

You will also see and hear real Norwegian material, such as articles and videos. This will help you better understand the language and culture, learn more words, and improve your listening skills.

Our course is perfect for students, working professionals, or anyone who wants to learn Norwegian as a personal goal. It is an engaging way to become fluent in Norwegian. Join us and kickstart your journey to mastering the Norwegian language.

Course Highlights
Interactive speaking and listening exercises
Authentic materials for language immersion
Role-plays, discussions, and group activities
Instructors with expertise in teaching conversational skills
Supportive and encouraging learning environment


Our summer Norwegian language courses deeply dive into the whole language, including Norwegian grammar. We’re dedicated to making the best learning experience at NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo.

Our teaching method involves you in the language, which helps you talk, listen, read, and write better. Our teachers are skilled at making learning fun and easy, and they’re always there to answer your questions.

Also, you can learn Norwegian online, from anywhere in the world. You can study at your own speed. This is perfect for fitting learning into your busy life.

Joining us at NLS Norwegian Language School is a great way to become part of Norway’s culture. You’ll meet others like you who love learning languages. And because our school is so well-known, you can trust that we offer top-notch education. You’ll really get to know the Norwegian language deeply.

Register for the Norwegian Summer Courses here.


Are the summer Norwegian language courses suitable for beginners?

Yes, our summer courses work for new learners and those who know some Norwegian. We have different levels. This way, each student gets put in the right class for their skills.

Can I learn Norwegian online?

For sure! Online Norwegian courses fit in with your schedule. Learn from home, moving at a pace that suits you. It’s ideal for those with a full calendar.

What sets NLS Norwegian Language School apart from other language schools?

NLS in Oslo is known for top-notch teaching and programs. Our teachers are skilled, lessons are engaging, and the curriculum is comprehensive. This all makes us leading in Norway’s language education.

What can I expect from the beginner Norwegian classes?

In our beginner courses, you’ll start from scratch. You’ll learn the basics of Norwegian like grammar, words, and how to say things right. This will let you have simple chats and understand common phrases.

Is there an advanced Norwegian language program available?

Certainly! We have an advanced program for those who know some Norwegian but want to get better. You’ll grow your vocabulary, get smoother when speaking, and master complex grammar. All to become very good at Norwegian.

What is the conversational Norwegian course?

This course is all about better speaking and listening. With fun talks and real-life situations, you’ll get good at chatting in Norwegian and really understanding others.

Do you provide grammar lessons as part of the Norwegian language courses?

Sure do. Grammar is key to speaking well, so we cover it a lot. Our teachers will help you with all the ins and outs of Norwegian grammar. They’ll make sure you start strong in the language.

If you want to learn Norwegian, you can register for classes here. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become fluent in Norwegian.

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