Norwegian Terms for the Business Traveler: From Meetings to Networking

Welcome to our guide on Norwegian terms for business travelers! It’s key to know the local language and culture when working in Norway. We’ll show you important phrases, etiquette, and language tips for meetings and networking.

Learning Norwegian terms will improve how you interact professionally in Norway. It starts with greetings and goes up to formal talks and networking. Knowing the language will help you make good impressions and build strong business ties.

We’ll talk about the NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo, offering courses for business travelers. You’ll learn about Norwegian business customs, important phrases for meetings, networking tips, and key vocab for different business situations.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to face the Norwegian business scene. Let’s start exploring the world of Norwegian business terms together!

NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo

Looking to master Norwegian for your business trips? The NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo is your top choice. It’s in Norway’s bustling capital and offers courses just for business travelers. These courses help you speak better and understand Norwegian business customs.

At the NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo, experienced teachers will help you. They know how to teach Norwegian to professionals like you. You’ll learn through activities and real-life practice, getting ready for meetings and events in Norway.

One big plus of studying here is the customized learning. The classes cover what you really need, like important words and phrases for business. You’ll learn to greet, negotiate, and close deals with confidence in Norway.

The school also lets you pick how you want to learn. You could go for group courses or private lessons, whichever matches your schedule. There’s even a chance to learn online, making it flexible for everyone.

By studying at the NLS school, you don’t just learn language. You also understand more about Norway’s culture and how business is done there. This will help you fit in socially and professionally, boosting your career in Norway.

Improving your language skills at the NLS school is a smart move for any business traveler. It gives you a big advantage and helps you make more deals. With the school’s expert help, get ready to speak Norwegian fluently and succeed in Norway.

Norwegian Business Etiquette: An Overview

When you do business in Norway, it’s crucial to know and respect their customs. Norwegian culture values fairness, open talk, and respect. Following these guidelines can help visitors make a good impression and build strong relationships in Norwegian business settings.

Greetings and Introductions: In Norway, people like their space and are often reserved. Giving a strong handshake and looking people in the eye when you meet them is important. While it’s common to use titles and last names, you can use first names too, especially in casual situations.

Communication Style: Honesty and speaking to the point are prized in Norway. Avoid long-winded or exaggerated statements. Keeping conversations brief but polite is key. If you need to discuss a difficult matter, do so tactfully.

Punctuality: Being on time is a big deal in Norway. It’s actually good to show up a little early for meetings. If you’re going to be late, let your hosts know as soon as possible.

Business Attire: Norwegians prefer to dress in a smart, understated way for work. Dress the part, looking neat and well-put-together for your meetings.

Business Ethics: Doing business ethically and sustainably is very important in Norway. Integrity and a focus on social issues matter. Working with honesty supports building trust and long-term partners.

Gift-Giving: Though not a must, small gifts from your country are welcome. Gifts should be modest and given privately.

Business Dining: If dining with local businesspeople, wait for them to start eating before you do. Mealtime talks can include business. So, being ready to discuss work while eating is a good idea.

Learning about Norway’s business customs can help you succeed there. Getting things right from the start, like how to greet and meet people, is the foundation of success in Norwegian business.

Key Norwegian Phrases for Business Meetings

In Norway, knowing key Norwegian phrases is critical for good communication in meetings. Whether it’s a self-introduction, sharing information, or discussing topics, these phrases will help keep things running smoothly.


Meeting someone new means exchanging greetings and names. Here are some phrases to start off well:

  • Hei, jeg heter [Your Name] – Hi, my name is [Your Name]
  • Hyggelig å møte deg – Nice to meet you


For presentations or sharing info, clear communication is key. Use these phrases to get your message across:

  • La meg presentere… – Let me present…
  • Vi skal nå gå igjennom… – We will now go through…
  • Har du noen spørsmål? – Do you have any questions?


When it’s time to discuss, sharing thoughts is important. Here are some phrases to keep the conversation going:

  • Jeg er enig – I agree
  • Jeg forstår hva du mener – I understand what you mean
  • Kan du forklare nærmere? – Could you explain further?
  • Hva er ditt synspunkt? – What is your viewpoint?

Using these phrases shows your interest in Norwegian culture. It helps build stronger business relationships in Norway.

Effective Networking in Norway: Tips and Phrases

Networking is key to making important connections and growing your business chances. In Norway, creating relationships through networking is highly important. It can boost your success in the Norwegian business scene. To ease your way through networking events, we made a guide with key Norwegian words and phrases.

Tips for Effective Networking

At networking events in Norway, a strategic approach is crucial. Here are some tips to maximize your networking chances:

  1. Have your elevator pitch ready, a short and engaging introduction to leave a powerful first impression.
  2. Show genuine interest in others and have meaningful conversations.
  3. Invest your time in building strong relationships with a few, rather than trying to meet many.
  4. Afterwards, connect with those you’ve met on platforms like LinkedIn. Send personalized messages to strengthen the connection.

Essential Norwegian Words for Networking

Knowing a few Norwegian words can help you stand out at networking events. Use these phrases to start conversations and create connections:

  • Hei – Hello
  • Hvordan har du det? – How are you?
  • Jeg heter [your name] – My name is [your name]
  • Det er hyggelig å møte deg – Nice to meet you
  • Kan jeg få visittkortet ditt? – Can I have your business card?
  • Hva jobber du med? – What do you do?
  • Jeg er interessert i [industry/topic] – I am interested in [industry/topic]
  • Kan jeg kontakte deg senere? – Can I contact you later?
  • Takk for en hyggelig samtale – Thank you for a pleasant conversation

Using these phrases shows your respect for the Norwegian culture, improving your business relationships.

Networking is more than just swapping business cards. It is about connecting authentically. Keep an open mind at events. Be mindful of cultural cues. And use these key phrases to impress in Norway’s business world.

Business Travel Language Tips in Norwegian

When you go to Norway for work, knowing some Norwegian can make your trip better. Here are tips for talking during your journey:

Making Reservations

When you reserve a hotel or transportation, know these important sayings:

“Kan jeg bestille et rom?” – Can I book a room?

“Jeg vil gjerne bestille en taxi.” – I would like to book a taxi.

Ordering Food

At restaurants or work meals, these phrases will help:

“Jeg vil gjerne ha…” – I would like to have…

“Kan jeg få menyen?” – Can I have the menu?

Asking for Directions

When you need help getting around or finding a meeting, use these words:

“Hvor er…?” – Where is…?

“Kan du hjelpe meg å finne veien?” – Can you help me find the way?

Remember, knowing some basic Norwegian is respectful. And it can make working with Norwegians easier. Use these tips to make your Norway work trip great.

Essential Norwegian Words and Phrases for Formal Communication

Doing business in Norway means you should know key Norwegian words for formal talks. This includes sending emails, calling others, or going to meetings. Be clear and professional in all you say. Here are important Norwegian phrases for your use:

Writing Emails

In an email, start with a polite greeting in Norwegian. Use “Hei” or “God dag” and the person’s name. To say thanks or ask for help, try “Takk for hjelpen” or “Kan du hjelpe meg?”. End with “Med vennlig hilsen” (Kind regards) or “Vennlig hilsen” (Regards), your name.

Making Phone Calls

For calls, introduce yourself by name and your company. Start with “God dag” or “Hei” and say why you’re calling briefly. Use “Kan du videresende meg til?” to ask for a transfer or “Kan du ta en beskjed?” to leave a message. Finish the call with “Takk for hjelpen” and a nice goodbye.

Attending Conferences

At conferences, engage in talks and show you want to network. To start, say “Hei, jeg heter [your name]” (Hello, I am [your name]). To ask for a business card, say “Kan jeg få visittkortet ditt?”. When you like a talk, say “Takk for en inspirerende presentasjon” (Thanks for the inspiring presentation). Always look people in the eye and show you’re listening.

Learning these phrases will help in Norway’s business scene. Always aim for clear, professional talks. Whether in an email, over the phone, or face-to-face at meetings, good communication is key.

Cultural Sensitivity in Norwegian Business Environment

When doing business in Norway, knowing and fitting into their cultural expectations is key. Norwegian business etiquette is vital for strong professional relationships. We’ll look at how to be culturally aware in Norway’s business world.


In Norway, being on time is very important. Punctuality shows respect and professionalism. It’s good practice to arrive early to show you’re serious. If you might be late, let the others know ahead of time.

Hierarchy and Equality

Norwegian work culture is all about equality and fairness. Companies here often have flat structures. Everyone’s opinion is welcome in making decisions. It’s crucial to show respect to everyone, no matter their role. Don’t act like you’re above others.

Communication Styles

Talking in Norwegian business can be direct and to the point. It’s good to be open and clear with your thoughts. But, it’s important to be kind while being straightforward. Never come off as too pushy or rude.

Being aware and respecting Norwegian cultural norms makes business dealings easier. Learning their practices can help you fit in better and achieve your goals.

Essential Norwegian Vocabulary for Business Travelers

If you’re a business traveler in Norway, mastering key Norwegian words is vital. It helps in professional talks and understanding others. We’ve compiled a list of important business words by field to assist you:


Finance terms in Norwegian are critical for doing business. Here are some basic finance words:

  • Aksjer – Stocks
  • Regnskap – Accounting
  • Kostnader – Costs
  • Budsjett – Budget
  • Investering – Investment


The right marketing words in Norwegian can make your strategies clear. Here are some key marketing terms:

  • Markedsføring – Marketing
  • Reklame – Advertising
  • Målgruppe – Target audience
  • Kampanje – Campaign
  • Merkevare – Brand


For those in logistics, Norwegian terms on moving goods are vital. Here are some top logistics words:

  • Lager – Warehouse
  • Frakt – Freight
  • Distribusjon – Distribution
  • Logistikk – Logistics
  • Leverandør – Supplier

Learning these Norwegian words will boost your performance in meetings and negotiations. It shows respect and helps you connect with Norwegians. So, dive into learning these key terms for a better business trip in Norway!


In this article, we’ve looked at key Norwegian terms for business travelers. Knowing these words well is vital for successful meetings in Norway. It helps you connect better and build relationships more easily.

The NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo is great for tailored business language courses. These classes give you the language skills and etiquette needed to do well in Norwegian business settings.

So, this guide is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their business talks in Norway. It’s about picking up important phrases, knowing the culture, and growing your vocabulary. Doing these things will help you handle business challenges there better.

Also, by working on your language and cultural skills, you can open up new opportunities. You’ll stand out as someone who knows how to deal respectfully in business in Norway.


What are Norwegian Terms for the Business Traveler?

These are words and phrases for business in Norway. Knowing these helps in meetings, talks, and social events.

Why is it important to learn Norwegian Terms for the Business Traveler?

It helps show you respect their culture. Plus, you can talk business more easily and understand written agreements better.

How can I learn Norwegian Terms for the Business Traveler?

Take courses at places like the NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo. They teach language and social rules needed for business.

What is NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo?

It’s a school helping foreigners learn Norwegian. Their programs aim to teach the language for business situations.

What are some key Norwegian phrases for business meetings?

Use “God morgen” for mornings and “Takk for møtet” to thank during a meeting. Also, ask “Kan jeg få en kopi av presentasjonen?” for copies. Lastly, say “Hva er deadline for dette prosjektet?” to know project deadlines.

How can I effectively network in Norway?

Approach events by really wanting to know others. Use “Hyggelig å møte deg” and “Hva jobber du med?” to start. Also, say “Kan vi holde kontakten?” to stay connected. Long-term relationships are key in Norway.

What are some business travel language tips in Norwegian?

Learn phrases for booking, meals, and directions. Say “Jeg vil gjerne bestille et bord for to” or “Jeg vil gjerne ha en kopp kaffe” to order. For directions, ask “Kan du fortelle meg veien til hotellet?”

What are some essential Norwegian words and phrases for formal communication?

To speak formally, use “Vennligst send meg en kopi av dokumentet” for sending documents. For calls, say “Jeg ringer angående møteinnkallingen.” And to email something, use “Kan du videresende denne e-posten til kollegaen min?”

How important is cultural sensitivity in the Norwegian business environment?

It’s very crucial. Arrive on time and respect seniority. Be both direct and polite. This respect builds strong business trust in Norway.

What are some essential Norwegian vocabulary for business travelers?

Know finance, marketing, and industry jargon. For example, “regnskap” for accounting and “markedsføring” for marketing. This vocabulary makes business talks smoother.

If you want to learn Norwegian, you can register for classes here. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become fluent in Norwegian.

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