Top Hiking Trails in Norway: Conquering Trolltunga, Preikestolen, and More

Ever thought about standing on a cliff’s edge high above a fjord? Or being above a lake by 2,300 feet? In Norway, hikes like Trolltunga and Preikestolen bring not just trails but true adventures. These adventures mix tough treks with views that take your breath away.

Norway is full of hiking options through its wild lands. Places like Trolltunga and Preikestolen are known for epic hikes. They attract those who love outdoor challenges and stunning views.

Trolltunga, called the troll’s tongue, gives amazing sights after a hard climb. Preikestolen, on the other hand, showcases the fjords from a high, flat rock. It’s perfect for families too. These spots are popular for the amazing photos you can take, letting you keep memories of Norway’s beauty forever.

Why Hike in Norway?

Norway offers a great place for those who love to hike, with scenes that join big landscapes and lively outdoors fun. It’s like a dream for anyone who loves nature. You can see deep fjords, high cliffs, and big national parks everywhere. It all makes for a view that is both amazing and calm.

Norway’s Epic Landscapes

Norway has some of the world’s most amazing landscapes. You will see incredible views like the Lysefjord from Preikestolen and the rugged land of Kjerag. Each step takes you closer to untouched beauty. It’s a place where you can challenge yourself and find inner peace surrounded by nature.

Best Time to Hike in Norway

If you’re thinking of hiking in Norway, the best times are from spring to October. The most popular time is between mid-June and late July because the weather is good and the days are long. But autumn also brings a special charm. With nature painted in red and gold, it’s a quieter but still beautiful time to explore.

Trolltunga: The Troll’s Tongue

Trolltunga is a unique Trolltunga rock formation. It sits high, at 3,600 feet above sea level. This geological wonder looks like a troll’s tongue and is a must-see for hikers.

Overview of the Trail

The journey starts in Skjeggedal and is Norway’s most thrilling trail. It’s a 28 km round trip with breathtaking views. For a shorter trek, start at the alternative parking lot (P3) and walk 20 km instead.

This hike needs good prep as you climb 800 meters up. But, the beauty you’ll see at the top of Trolltunga will be worth it.

Challenging Ascent

The hike to Trolltunga is tough, taking about 3.5 hours one way. A stop at the Trolltunga for photos takes 1.5 hours. The path back is another 3 hours.

This hike needs you to be strong and have willpower. It might take up to 12 hours. Start early for the best experience.

Awe-inspiring Views

Standing on Trolltunga, you’ll see glacier lakes and the beautiful Lake Ringedal below. The view is amazing and worth the effort.

This trail tests your limits but rewards you with an incredible experience. Trolltunga shows Norway’s wild beauty at its best.

Preikestolen: Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, is a famous spot in Norway. It’s 604 meters above Lysefjord. The view there is one of the best in Norway.

Trail Details

The path to Preikestolen is about 8 kilometers long. It takes at least 5 hours to finish. The hike is not easy but not too hard either. You start with a 1.5-hour drive from Stavanger.

Parking costs 250 NOK (about $28 USD).

Trail Name Distance Total Ascent Duration Difficulty Parking Cost
Preikestolen 8 km round-trip 334 meters 5 hours Moderate 250 NOK ($28 USD)

Family-Friendly Hike

Preikestolen is good for families. The trail is not too easy but not too hard. It’s wide and well marked.

This makes it safe for families and kids to hike. And, they can see the beautiful fjords on the way.

Photographic Opportunities

It’s a great place for photos. The view from the top is amazing. The drop-off is 604 meters high.

There are great views of Lysefjord from the edge. It’s perfect for anyone who loves taking photos.

The area is very stable and lets you see a lot. You can take photos of the views or your friends. It’s a great place for memorable photos.

Kjeragbolten Hike: Conquering the Boulder

The Kjeragbolten hike is an exciting journey full of adventure. It is famous for a big boulder sitting between two mountains. This attracts people who love excitement and nature. The hike is 6km long from start to finish. It goes up 600-700 meters high and has a few easy parts too.

Sense of Adventure

The hike starts with climbing the rocks with chains to help. The highest point is 3,228 feet (984 meters) up. You will climb 600-700 meters high and also go through some easy spots. This hike is amazing for the views and how challenging it is.

At Kjeragbolten, the boulder sits high up with a big drop on each side. It’s a big challenge. But, no one has ever fallen off, so it’s safe and exciting for all.

People from all over the world come to climb Kjeragbolten. They enjoy the thrill of beating Norway’s famous hike. The journey includes walking on snow for about an hour. This is because Norway had a lot of snow in late June.

After conquering Kjeragbolten, hikers often visit a nearby glacier lake. It’s beautiful and a great place to rest before going back. To get back faster, some choose to slide on the snow. This helps them make it to the bus on time.

The Kjeragbolten hike is more than just a walk. It’s about facing challenges, enjoying the views, and feeling the adventure in Norway.

Folgefonna National Park: Glacier Walking

Folgefonna National Park is an amazing spot for those who love adventure. It has Norway’s third-largest glacier. You will be amazed by the beautiful landscape made by the glacier.

A Unique Experience

Walking on the glacier in the park is something you will always remember. You go on guided tours across the ice, which is 350 meters thick. You move with others, sometimes playing in the snow, in a place that looks out of this world.

Tips for Glacier Safety

It’s very important to be safe when you walk on the glacier. Listen to your guides and wear the right equipment, like crampons and a harness. This lets you have fun while staying safe and enjoying the glacier’s beauty.

Glacier walking in Folgefonna National Park is an awesome and unforgettable trip for those who are ready to be safe and follow the rules. It mixes a fun challenge with amazing views of ice.

Hardangervidda National Park: Norway’s Largest

Hardangervidda National Park is the biggest in Norway. It covers a wide and beautiful area. The park is famous for its vast plateaus and breathtaking scenery.

Spotting Wildlife

Seeing the rich wildlife is a big joy at Hardangervidda. The wild reindeer herds are one of the world’s largest here. You may also catch a sight of Arctic foxes, ptarmigans, and golden eagles.

This is a delight for nature lovers. Watching these amazing animals up close is memorable.

Stunning Geology

The geology of the park is striking too. It has wide plateaus, high mountains, and valleys shaped by glaciers. Going on hikes here means seeing various ecosystems and very old geological sites.

There are also spots where people lived in the Stone Age. These places show how ancient people lived here. Hardangervidda’s geology is like a book of nature’s history. Every step takes you through time and lots of natural wonder.

Hardangervidda National Park has a lot to offer. You can go look for the famous wild reindeer. Or, you can just enjoy its amazing geology. Either way, you’re in for a real adventure in Norway’s stunning countryside.

Activity Details
Spotting Wildlife Opportunity to see wild reindeer herds, Arctic foxes, ptarmigans, and golden eagles in their natural habitat.
Hiking Explore plateaus, mountains, and glacial valleys. Experience diverse ecosystems and ancient geological features.
Historical Exploration Visit stone-age settlements and learn about early human habitation in the region.

The Queen’s Route: Vesterålen’s Marvelous Path

The Queen’s Route in Vesterålen is named after Queen Sonja of Norway. She walked it in 1994. This 15km trail is tough and takes you through beautiful parts of Northern Norway. Hikers see the sea and mountains on this journey, taking about five to eight hours to finish.

Overview of the Route

Hiking the Queen’s Route is a really cool journey. You climb to 448 meters and see the vast Atlantic Ocean. The trail goes from wet marshes to high rocky peaks, joining Nyksund and Stø. This shows off Vesterålen’s real beauty.

Historical Significance

The Queen’s Route isn’t just for the views. It celebrates Norway’s natural beauty and historical significance. Queen Sonja traveled the trail in 1994, showing her love for Norway’s nature and history. So, walking it lets you see both old and new ways of life in Vesterålen.

  • Spanning: 15km
  • Duration: 5-8 hours
  • Highest Point: 448 meters

“The Queen’s Route in Vesterålen stands as a testimony to Norway’s enduring natural beauty and cultural history, offering hikers an unforgettable journey through its scenic trails.”

Trail Location Distance Duration Highest Point
The Queen’s Route Vesterålen 15km 5-8 hours 448 meters
Gaustatoppen Telemark 8km 4-5 hours 1,883 meters
Pulpit Rock Ryfylke 8km 3-4 hours 604 meters
Kleivstua Loop Krokskogen Forest 19km 3 days (split) N/A

Panoramic Gaustatoppen Hike

Walk the panoramic Gaustatoppen hike to reach the highest peak in Southern Norway. It stands at 1,883 meters high. The 8km trail from Stavsro is marked with red Ts, perfect for family-friendly excursions.

While hiking, see ancient stones with wave-like patterns. These show the Earth’s ancient past. You also find a charming stone cabin at the end. This cabin has a café for drinks and a place to rest. You can enjoy the stunning view from up there.

Location Summit Elevation Trail Distance Estimated Duration
Southern Norway 1,883 meters 8 km (4 km each way) 4 to 5 hours

From the top of Gaustatoppen, you can see nearly one-sixth of Norway on clear days. It’s great for photos. This hike mixes outdoor adventures with family-friendliness. It offers something for everyone.

For a great hike, bring water, snacks, and wear the right clothes. Also, follow the Norwegian Mountain Code. It helps keep you safe while enjoying nature’s beauty.

Kleivstua Loop: Accessible and Scenic

The Kleivstua Loop is found near Oslo and is perfect for accessible scenic hikes in Norway. This 19km trail goes through the beautiful Krokskogen forest. It is ideal for a slow, enjoyable walk. People who love nature will find joy in its thick woods and peaceful views.

Perfect for families or anyone looking for a relaxing walk. This trail has spots to rest, like at Myrseter and Presthytta cabins. As you walk, you’ll see lovely sights like Oppkuven and Ringkollen. Nature shines around the Kleivstua Loop, offering a clean break from the noise of Oslo.

The Kleivstua Loop is great for anyone wanting an easy, refreshing hike in Norway. It’s a nice balance of fun and calm, with its simple loop and welcoming feel.


Norway’s famous hiking trails are loved by many, offering something for everyone. The country invites both skilled adventurers and casual hikers to its beautiful lands. You can tackle the demanding Trolltunga hike or opt for the family-friendly Preikestolen route.

Kjeragbolten lets you stand on a boulder above a deep gorge, with a hike time of about 5.5 hours. Or, enjoy the Buarbreen glacier hike, a 3-hour journey through stunning ice fields. There’s an adventure waiting for you, no matter the path you choose.

If you’re looking for something calm and family-oriented, the Skageflå hike is perfect. It’s a 5.1-mile journey with breathtaking fjord views, completed in about 5 hours. Whether it’s a tough trek or a stroll with family, Norway’s natural wonders promise to amaze you.

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