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Ever thought about sending a letter to Norway and not sure how to address it? Wondering how important details like the correct format are needed? Let’s dive into the secrets of the norway address format. We’ll give you quick tips to make sure your mail gets there.

Norwegian Postal Codes and Street Layouts

Mail delivery in Norway works well when you know the postal codes and how streets are laid out. In Norway, postal codes are four digits long. They show which municipality or post office the mail is headed to.

The Norwegian address format has the recipient’s name, street name and number, postal code, and municipality. If needed, it also includes a street letter. This information is vital for sending mail correctly.

For instance, a typical Norwegian address looks like this:

NLS Norwegian Language School

Tordenskiolds gate 2

0160 Oslo

This address includes “NLS Norwegian Language School” as the receiver, “Tordenskiolds gate” as the street, “2” for the number, and “0160 Oslo” for the postal code and city.

Correct postal codes and the right municipality name are critical for on-time delivery. If there’s a street letter, including it is a must. This way, your mail will get to its destination without trouble.

Here’s a table with some examples of Norwegian addresses:

Recipient’s Name Street Address Postal Code Municipality
Per Olsen Bergenveien 25 5015 Bergen
Lisa Andersen Birkeveien 12B 0371 Oslo
Anders Pedersen Havnegata 9008 Tromsø
Kristin Berg Mjøsvegen 5C 2815 Gjøvik

By using the right address and including the postal code and municipality, you help your mail get to where it should in Norway.

Tips for Writing a Norwegian Mailing Address

Sending mail to Norway needs careful attention. You must be accurate and follow the right style to make sure it arrives. Here are tips to help:

Use Clear and Legible Handwriting or Printing

When you write a Norwegian address, make it neat and clear. This avoids mistakes and makes sure the mail goes to the right place.

Include the Recipient’s Full Name

Always write the recipient’s full name. This is key for the mail to get to the right person with no trouble.

Include the Complete Address and Street Details

Don’t forget any details of the address, like the street number. Including all info helps the postal service locate the address easily.

Use the Correct 4-Digit Zip Code and Municipality Name

Getting the zip code and municipality name right is crucial. Check these details carefully before mailing to avoid any issues.

By remembering these tips, you can make sure your mail reaches Norway safely and on time.

Shipping Internationally to Norway

Sending a package or letter to Norway requires using the right address format. This ensures accurate and smooth delivery. Make sure to include all crucial details to prevent delays or issues.

For international shipping to Norway, add the recipient’s full name, address, and the 4-digit zip code. This code directs your mail to the correct area and speeds up delivery.

It’s also key to include the municipality name. This step helps avoid confusion since places in Norway might share similar names.

When addressing items to Norway, always end with “Norway.” This tells the postal service your package goes to Norway and helps with border crossings.

Follow the right address format closely for a successful delivery. Include the full name, address, zip code, municipality, and end with “Norway.” This way, your shipment will arrive in Norway promptly.

Key Points for Shipping Internationally to Norway
Include recipient’s full name. Ensure that the recipient’s full name is clearly mentioned on the package or letter.
Include complete address. Provide the recipient’s complete address, including street name, number, and any necessary street letter.
Include 4-digit zip code and municipality name. The zip code is crucial for accurate routing, and the municipality name further assists in proper delivery.
End with “Norway”. Indicate that the shipment is destined for Norway by ending the address with “Norway.”

Additional Considerations for Norwegian Addresses

When you send mail to Norway, remember some extra steps. Most Norwegian addresses have a street number. But, sometimes only the place name is available. In these cases, don’t worry about the missing street number. Just make sure the place name is correctly written.

In Norway, you might see a street letter with the street number. This is not common, but it happens. Adding this letter makes sure the mail goes to the right place.

Make sure to include the correct postal code and municipality name when you write the address. The postal code is a 4-digit number for a specific area. This helps the mail get to the right place quickly.

Adding the county or region is nice for extra info, but not a must. It won’t stop the mail from reaching its destination.

Knowing these tips and using the proper address format will help. This way, your mail will get to the person in Norway without any problems.


Sending mail to Norway correctly is very important. You need to include the recipient’s full name, address, zip code, and municipality name. This ensures your mail gets to the right person.

For international shipping to Norway, use the right address format. Add “Norway” to show it’s an international package. This makes going through customs easier.

Follow these tips for mailing to Norway to avoid any problems. Whether it’s a letter or a package, the right format is crucial for success.


What is the correct format for addressing a letter to Norway?

The right way to address a letter to Norway is this:– Start with the recipient’s full name– Then, write out the address with the street number.– Make sure to add the 4-digit zip code and the municipality name.– “Norway” should finish the address for international mail.– If the person has no street address, just put the place name.– Sometimes, a street letter might be part of the address. If so, don’t forget to include it.– Getting the zip code and municipality name right is very important for delivery.– The county or region is not needed.

What are the postal codes like in Norway?

In Norway, postal codes are four digits long. They are key for correct delivery. Each code matches a certain municipality and post office. Always use the right postal code and municipality name to make sure the mail goes where it should.

Do Norwegian addresses include a street name and number?

Yes, in Norway, most places have a street number and name. If there’s a street letter, put it after the number.

What should I consider when writing a Norwegian mailing address?

When you write a Norwegian address, accuracy and format matter a lot. Use clear handwriting or print. Include the full name, address details, like the street number, and street letter if needed. Always use the right zip code and municipality name. Check the address carefully before you send it.

How do I ship internationally to Norway?

For shipping to Norway from abroad, follow this format. Include the complete address details, the 4-digit zip code, and the place name. End with “Norway” to show it’s international mail.

Are there any additional considerations for Norwegian addresses?

Sometimes, Norwegian addresses don’t follow the usual format. For instance, an address might not have a street number, just the place name. This is okay to send. Including a street letter is uncommon, but include it if it’s there.

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