Learn Days of the Week in Norwegian Effortlessly

Ready to boost your language skills by exploring Norwegian? Mastery of days makes a big difference in any language. It helps in visits to Norway, chatting with locals, or for language lovers.

This guide will make learning Norwegian weekdays easy. We’ll cover Monday through Sunday, including names and how to say them. You’ll also learn about each day’s cultural importance. Let’s start this fun journey of language learning together!

First, meet the NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo. It offers courses for all skill levels. It’s the perfect place for you to grow your Norwegian. Let’s start building your path to the Norwegian language’s beauty!

Introduction to Norwegian Language Learning

Before we talk about the days of the week, let’s meet the NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo. It’s a top place for learning Norwegian. The courses are for everyone, whether you’re starting out or want to get better. The school is all about helping you grow your language skills in a friendly setting.

The NLS school believes in teaching each student in a way that works best for them. Our teachers are experts in Norwegian and love to see you become fluent. They make sure classes are small and full of activities, giving you personal attention.

Learning here is like being in Norway, even if you’re far away. You’ll get to talk a lot, do things with others, and experience Norwegian culture. So, you’ll pick up the language in a really natural way.

Our school is right in the heart of Oslo, one of Europe’s most dynamic cities. Through learning Norwegian, you’ll also discover Oslo’s history, nature, and meet its people. It’s an incredible opportunity to belong to a new world.

Want to learn Norwegian for fun or work? We’re here for you at the NLS Norwegian Language School. Our group of learners is ready to welcome you. Start an adventure of learning a new language and uncovering a whole new culture.

Basics of Norwegian Language

Before we learn the days of the week in Norwegian, let’s get to know some basics. Norwegian is closely linked to Swedish and Danish. It has a rich history and is spoken by about 5 million people globally.

Learning the basics of Norwegian is important for our journey. This includes the sounds, words, and grammar of the language.

1. Pronunciation

Learning to pronounce Norwegian is key to speaking it well. It has straightforward pronunciation rules. But, you must watch out for unique vowel sounds and soft consonants.

2. Vocabulary

Knowing words and phrases is at the heart of learning any language. Start with common Norwegian terms for greetings and everyday life. This will include words for food, travel, and more.

“Learning a new language is like discovering a whole new world. Embrace the process and enjoy the journey!”

3. Grammar

Norwegian grammar looks complex, but it’s logical. Learn about word order, verb changes, noun forms, and how to build sentences. You can tackle more advanced grammar later on.

4. Cultural Context

The language and culture of a people are closely connected. Understanding Norwegian culture helps you learn the language better. Dive into the country’s literature, music, and history to understand its deeper context.

Now, we’re set to move beyond the basics and learn the days of the week. This is the start of our exciting journey into the Norwegian language. Let’s begin this adventure together!

Language English Norwegian Pronunciation
Days of the Week Monday Mandag /man-dahg/
Tuesday Tirsdag /teer-sdahg/
Wednesday Onsdag /ohns-dahg/
Thursday Torsdag /tohrs-dahg/
Friday Fredag /fray-dahg/
Saturday Lørdag /luhr-dahg/
Sunday Søndag /sohn-dahg/

The Norwegian Calendar

To learn the days of the week in Norwegian, it’s key to know their calendar system. The Norwegian calendar, just like English, has seven days. We’ll look at the names and how to say them in the next part.

Monday – Mandag

Let’s begin our journey through the Norwegian weekdays with Monday, called “Mandag.” It marks the start of the workweek. It also brings the promise of new chances and fresh starts.

Getting the hang of saying “Mandag” right is key to talking well in Norwegian. Practice saying it smoothly to fit into your daily talks. In Oslo, the NLS Norwegian Language School can help you say “Mandag” and more with confidence.

“Mandag is a symbol of reinvention. It’s the perfect day to set new goals and make positive changes in your life.” – Hannah, NLS Norwegian Language School student

Learning Norwegian lets you make new friends and understand more about the culture. With the word “Mandag,” start your journey to learn Norwegian. Let it drive your success in speaking with others in Norwegian.

Tuesday – Tirsdag

Tuesday is called “Tirsdag” in Norwegian. Learn how to say “Tirsdag” correctly. It’s important in the Norwegian culture.

Pronunciation of “Tirsdag”

“Tirsdag” has two syllables: “Tirs” and “dag”. The first part, “Tirs,” sounds like “tears” with a “d” at the end. The second, “dag,” is like saying “dog”. Together, it’s “tears-dog”.

Learning to say “Tirsdag” is key in Norwegian. It gets you closer to speaking the language well.

Significance in Norwegian Culture

In Norway, Tuesday is part of the workweek. It shows movement and work. As you learn more about Norway, you’ll see how important “Tirsdag” is in daily life.

English Norwegian
Tuesday Tirsdag

Wednesday – Onsdag

Wednesday, known as “Onsdag” in Norwegian, marks the middle of the week. This day is special in the Norwegian language. It’s often called “midt i uken,” which means “in the middle of the week.”

Getting the right pronunciation for “Onsdag” is key to learning Norwegian. The NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo can help you with this. They offer expert advice and materials to make you fluent in this lovely language.

“Onsdag” comes from the Old Norse word “Óðinsdagr,” or “Odin’s day.” Odin is the top god in Norse mythology, ruling Asgard. Learning about Norway’s language and customs lets you explore its rich culture.

Learning Norwegian adds to your skills, be it for work or fun. Using “Onsdag” helps boost your language level. The NLS Norwegian Language School has courses for every skill level. It gives a full learning journey.

Expand Your Vocabulary with Onsdag

Here are some more Norwegian words to help you learn:

  • Tirsdag – Tuesday
  • Tredje onsdag i måneden – Third Wednesday of the month
  • Onsdagskurs – Wednesday course

Practice these words to strengthen your understanding of “Onsdag.” This will make you better in Norwegian.

Discover Norwegian Language School in Oslo

The NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo is famous for its language courses. They have group and one-on-one classes. The school offers a great place to learn a language.

Get to know Norwegian with NLS’s skilled teachers and fun lessons. You can start from scratch or improve where you’re at.

Next, let’s talk about Thursday, or “Torsdag.” Stay with us to learn more about Norwegian weekdays!

Thursday – Torsdag

Thursday, known as Torsdag in Norwegian, is a day people look forward to. They get ready for the weekend. This day lets us think about what we’ve done this week and what we want to do next.

Learning to say Torsdag right can make you feel more at home in Norway. The NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo has lots of help for improving your language skills. It can help you understand the charm of the Norwegian week days.

Friday – Fredag

Friday, or “Fredag” in Norwegian, is a special day. It’s seen as the doorway to the weekend. People feel relief and look forward to fun and free time.

To talk to Norwegians, learning to say “Fredag” right is key. It is freh-dahg. Say it a lot to get it just right.

“Fredag stands for saying goodbye to hard work and hello to family. It’s a time for fun, relaxation, and enjoying the Norwegian way of life.”

– Norwegian Language School in Oslo

Knowing what “Fredag” means to Norwegians makes learning their language more fun. It opens the door to their culture and traditions. It helps you share in their life’s vibrancy.

Weekend Plans in Norway

As Friday turns into the weekend, Norwegians love their hobbies and nature. Some like to:

  • See stunning fjords and landscapes
  • Hike in beautiful mountains and forests
  • Go skiing or snowboarding
  • Relax near the sea
  • Do outdoor sports

How you spend your Norwegian weekend is up to you. But, starting off with “Fredag” guarantees something fun and memorable. Enjoy the Norwegian culture fully.

Days of the Week Norwegian Pronunciation
Monday Mandag MAHN-dahg
Tuesday Tirsdag TEER-sdahg
Wednesday Onsdag OHN-sdahg
Thursday Torsdag TOHR-sdahg
Friday Fredag FREE-dahg
Saturday Lørdag LUHR-dahg
Sunday Søndag SUHN-dahg

Saturday – Lørdag, and Sunday – Søndag

The workweek is ending, and it’s time for the weekend, especially in Norwegian. Saturday, known as “Lørdag,” kicks off a time to relax and enjoy. Take this time to see Norway’s beauty and learn about its culture.

Sunday, or “Søndag,” is all about chilling out. It’s perfect for recharging for the new week. Learn how to say “Lørdag” and “Søndag” right to feel these days completely.

Knowing the days of the week in Norwegian does more than improve your language skills. It helps you bond with people there. Try talking about the days and keep learning with the NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo. They’ll take you further in your language journey.


Congratulations on learning to say the days of the week in Norwegian! This knowledge is a big first step in speaking Norwegian. It can help when you travel to Norway, talk with Norwegian friends, or learn more languages.

Learning a language is always ongoing. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it. Also, learning about Norway’s culture and people is interesting. The NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo offers more to learn.

This school has classes for everyone. You’ll find great teachers and a supportive atmosphere there. They will guide you to fluency in Norwegian and understanding Norwegian life.

Enjoy the journey of learning the beautiful Norwegian language and culture. With your hard work, speaking Norwegian will soon become natural. Keep learning and exploring, and you’ll do great!


Can you provide a brief overview of the Norwegian language school in Oslo?

The NLS Norwegian Language School in Oslo is a well-known place. It offers language courses for everyone. No matter what your skill level is, you’ll find something for you there.

What are the basics of the Norwegian language?

Norwegian is a language from northern Europe. It’s similar to both Swedish and Danish. It’s known for its rich history and culture. Around 5 million people speak it around the world.

How many days are there in the Norwegian calendar?

There are seven days in the Norwegian calendar.

What is the Norwegian word for Monday?

Monday is “Mandag” in Norwegian.

How do you pronounce “Tirsdag” in Norwegian?

In Norwegian, you say “Tirsdag” as “teers-dahg.”

What is the Norwegian name for Wednesday?

The Norwegian word for Wednesday is “Onsdag.”

How do you say Thursday in Norwegian?

In Norwegian, Thursday is “Torsdag.”

What is the Norwegian word for Friday?

Friday is known as “Fredag” in Norwegian.

What are the Norwegian names for Saturday and Sunday?

In Norwegian, Saturday is “Lørdag” and Sunday is “Søndag.”

If you want to learn Norwegian, you can register for classes here. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become fluent in Norwegian.

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