Farewell in Norwegian: Master Goodbyes Today!

Have you ever wondered how to say goodbye in Norwegian? Whether you’re planning a trip to Norway or simply want to expand your language skills, learning Norwegian farewell expressions is a must! Saying goodbye in Norwegian goes beyond a simple word, it’s a reflection of the country’s rich cultural customs and etiquette.

In this article, we will explore the various ways of saying goodbye in Norwegian, from informal farewells with friends to formal expressions in professional settings. Discover the essential phrases and expressions that will help you bid farewell in Norwegian with grace and authenticity.

Saying Goodbye in Norwegian: An Introduction

Before diving into specific phrases, let’s begin by understanding the Norwegian word for goodbye and the cultural customs associated with farewells in Norway. Gain insights into the importance of saying goodbye in Norwegian society.

In Norwegian, goodbye is translated as “farvel.” This simple word carries a deeper meaning when parting ways with someone, indicating a genuine farewell and well wishes for the future.

Norwegian goodbye customs are rooted in the country’s emphasis on politeness and respect. Farewells are often accompanied by a handshake, maintaining eye contact, and exchanging warm words of gratitude or appreciation.

Exploring these customs and traditions will not only enhance your language skills but also help you navigate social interactions with ease and culturally-appropriate etiquette.

“Farvel” is more than just a word in Norwegian. It represents the genuine sentiment behind bidding farewell and encapsulates the value Norwegians place on meaningful connections.

Norwegian Goodbye Customs

  • Handshake: When saying goodbye in Norway, a firm and friendly handshake is a common gesture of respect and acknowledgement.
  • Maintaining Eye Contact: Direct eye contact during farewells demonstrates sincerity and attentiveness in Norwegian culture.
  • Expressing Appreciation: Norwegians value gratitude, so expressing appreciation for the time spent together is a customary farewell practice.

Understanding and embracing these Norwegian customs will not only help you blend in but also leave a positive impression on the locals, fostering meaningful connections wherever your journey takes you in Norway.

Norwegian Word for Goodbye Norwegian Goodbye Customs
Farvel – Handshake

Common Norwegian Goodbye Phrases

When bidding farewell in Norwegian, it’s essential to have a repertoire of common goodbye phrases for various situations. These expressive phrases will help you authentically convey your goodbyes in Norwegian with confidence and warmth.

Formal Settings Informal Settings
  • “Ha det bra” – Farewell
  • “Farvel” – Goodbye
  • “Adjø” – Farewell
  • “Ha en god dag” – Have a good day
  • “Takk for nå” – Thanks for now
  • “Vi sees” – See you
  • “Hade” – Bye
  • “Snakkes senere” – Talk to you later
  • “Ha det” – Take care
  • “Vi snakkes” – We’ll talk

Whether you’re in a formal or informal setting, these phrases will allow you to bid farewell appropriately. Remember to consider the context and relationship with the person you are saying goodbye to, as it can influence the choice of phrase.

Informal Farewells: Friends and Acquaintances

In Norwegian culture, saying goodbye to friends and acquaintances is often accompanied by warm and heartfelt expressions, creating a friendly atmosphere. Here are some common informal farewell expressions that you can use:

Ha det bra

This is a simple and commonly used phrase that translates to “Take care” in English. It’s a friendly way to bid farewell and show your care for the other person’s well-being.

Vi sees senere

When you want to express that you’ll see each other later, you can use this phrase, which means “See you later” in English. It’s perfect for casual farewells among friends and acquaintances.

Kos deg videre

To convey the message of “Enjoy the rest of your day” or “Have a good time,” you can use this phrase. It’s a friendly and lighthearted way to say goodbye.

Remember, using these expressions with a warm smile and genuine sincerity will make your farewells even more meaningful and leave a positive impression!

Formal Farewells: Professional Settings

When it comes to bidding farewell in professional settings, using the appropriate expressions can leave a lasting positive impression. In Norwegian culture, expressing politeness and respect is essential, especially when saying goodbye in a business or formal setting. Here are some formal Norwegian farewell phrases to help you navigate professional interactions with grace and professionalism:

Takk for nå – Thank you for now

Ha en god dag – Have a good day

Det var hyggelig å møte deg – It was nice meeting you

Vi snakkes snart – Let’s talk soon

Lykke til videre – Good luck going forward

Incorporating these farewell expressions will demonstrate your professionalism and cultural understanding in Norwegian business environments. Remember to use a confident and respectful tone, ensuring that your farewells align with the formality of the situation.


English Norwegian
Thank you for all your help. Takk for all hjelpen din.
Have a great weekend! Ha en flott helg!
We’ll be in touch. Vi holder kontakten.

Feel free to adapt these phrases to suit your specific professional context and create a positive impression when bidding farewell in Norwegian.

Expressing Appreciation and Well Wishes

In Norwegian culture, goodbyes are often accompanied by expressions of appreciation and well wishes. These heartfelt phrases add a touch of warmth to your farewells and leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Whether you’re saying goodbye to a friend, colleague, or acquaintance, incorporating these Norwegian farewell expressions will show your gratitude and leave them feeling appreciated.

  • Tusen takk – Thank you very much
  • Jeg setter stor pris på deg – I greatly appreciate you
  • Lykke til – Good luck
  • Ha det bra – Take care
  • Måtte du ha en fantastisk dag – May you have a wonderful day
  • Vi sees snart igjen – See you soon

Remember to tailor these expressions based on the level of formality and familiarity with the person you are speaking to. It’s always nice to show personalization and sincerity in your farewell.

“Saying goodbye in Norwegian is an opportunity to express not only your farewell but also your gratitude and well wishes. By using these phrases, you can leave a heartfelt and meaningful impression on the person you’re saying goodbye to.” – Norwegian Language Expert

Example Conversation:

In a casual setting:

Person A: Tusen takk for all hjelpen din! (Thank you very much for all your help!)

Person B: Jeg setter stor pris på det. Ha en fantastisk dag! (I greatly appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!)

In a professional setting:

Person A: Lykke til med din nye jobb! (Good luck with your new job!)

Person B: Tusen takk! Jeg setter stor pris på din støtte. Ha det bra! (Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate your support. Take care!)

Phrase Translation
Tusen takk Thank you very much
Jeg setter stor pris på deg I greatly appreciate you
Lykke til Good luck
Ha det bra Take care
Måtte du ha en fantastisk dag May you have a wonderful day
Vi sees snart igjen See you soon

Goodbye Phrases for Specific Situations

Mastering the art of saying goodbye in Norwegian means being prepared for various situations. Whether you’re leaving a party, ending a phone call, or bidding farewell in other specific scenarios, having the right phrases at your disposal can enhance your conversational skills and leave a lasting impression. Below are situation-specific Norwegian goodbye phrases to help you navigate different contexts:

1. Leaving a Party:

If you’re attending a social gathering and need to say your goodbyes, here are some Norwegian phrases you can use:

“Ha det bra!” – Goodbye! (informal)

“Takk for i kveld!” – Thanks for tonight!

“Vi snakkes senere!” – We’ll talk later!

2. Ending a Phone Call:

When it’s time to wrap up a conversation over the phone, try these Norwegian phrases:

“Ha det!” – Take care! (informal)

“Hade!” – Bye! (informal)

“Vi snakkes!” – Talk to you later! (informal)

3. Saying Goodbye at Work:

In professional settings, it’s important to use polite and respectful farewell expressions. Consider these Norwegian phrases for bidding farewell to colleagues and clients:

“Ha en fin dag!” – Have a nice day!

“Takk for nå!” – Thanks for now!

“Vi ses i morgen!” – See you tomorrow!

4. Farewells to Close Friends:

When saying goodbye to close friends, you can use more informal and affectionate Norwegian phrases:

“Vi sees!” – See you!

“Kos deg videre!” – Enjoy the rest of your day!

“Ha det så bra!” – Take care! (formal)

5. Departing a Formal Event:

For formal events or gatherings, these Norwegian phrases can help you bid farewell with sophistication:

“Takk for en flott kveld!” – Thank you for a lovely evening!

“Det var hyggelig å treffe deg!” – It was nice meeting you!

“Vi håper å se deg igjen snart!” – We hope to see you again soon!

Remember, using the appropriate Norwegian goodbye phrases for specific situations shows respect and cultural understanding. Take the time to master these expressions, and you’ll leave a positive and lasting impression wherever you go.

Cultural Customs and Etiquette for Farewells in Norway

Gaining insights into the cultural customs and etiquette associated with farewells in Norway is essential to ensuring respectful and appropriate interactions. Norwegians place great importance on showing genuine care and respect when bidding farewell, and understanding their customs will help you navigate social situations with ease.

1. Personal Space: Norwegians value personal space and tend to maintain a certain distance during conversations, including farewells. Allow for some physical distance while saying goodbye to avoid discomfort and ensure a respectful interaction.

2. Handshakes and Eye Contact: When bidding farewell, a firm handshake is the customary greeting. It is considered polite to make direct eye contact with the person you are saying goodbye to, showing sincerity and respect.

3. Punctuality: Norwegians highly value punctuality, so it is important to arrive on time for farewell gatherings or meetings. Being punctual demonstrates respect for others’ time and is greatly appreciated.

4. Takk for nå: The phrase “Takk for nå” (Thank you for now) is commonly used as a parting phrase in Norway. It is a polite way to express gratitude for the interaction and creates a warm farewell.

5. Avoid Excessive Hugging or Kissing: While physical contact is not uncommon between close friends or family, it is generally best to refrain from excessive hugging or kissing when saying goodbye in more formal or professional settings.

6. Gift Giving: Giving a small gift or token of appreciation is a common practice when bidding farewell in Norway. It is customary to bring a gift that reflects the recipient’s interests or something that is locally produced.

7. Follow-Up: It is considered thoughtful to follow up with a message or email after bidding farewell, expressing your appreciation for the time spent together. This gesture further strengthens relationships and demonstrates your genuine interest in maintaining connections.

“Saying goodbye in Norway is more than just a simple farewell; it is an opportunity to show respect, gratitude, and care for the people you interact with. Understanding and embracing Norwegian customs surrounding farewells will leave a lasting positive impression on both your personal and professional relationships.”

Practicing Goodbyes: Language Learning Tips

Mastering the art of saying goodbye in Norwegian requires practice and dedication. Here are some effective language learning tips to help you confidently bid farewell in Norwegian:

  1. Start with pronunciation: Pay attention to the way native speakers pronounce farewell phrases in Norwegian. Practice repeating the words and sounds until you feel comfortable and natural.
  2. Expand your vocabulary: Familiarize yourself with a variety of Norwegian farewell phrases. Create flashcards or use language learning apps to memorize the words and their meanings.
  3. Use them in everyday conversations: Incorporate Norwegian goodbye phrases in your conversations with native speakers or language exchange partners. This will not only improve your skills but also provide you with valuable feedback.
  4. Listen to Norwegian music and watch movies: Surround yourself with Norwegian culture by listening to music and watching movies. Pay attention to how goodbyes are expressed and try to imitate them in your own conversations.
  5. Practice writing: Write short dialogues or stories that include goodbye phrases. This will help reinforce your understanding of the language and improve your overall fluency.

Remember, language learning is a journey. Be patient with yourself and celebrate every small milestone along the way. With consistent practice, you’ll soon be bidding farewell in Norwegian with confidence and ease.


Congratulations on completing your journey of learning how to say goodbye in Norwegian! In this article, we have explored the richness of the Norwegian language and culture when it comes to bidding farewell. Throughout the sections, we have covered the Norwegian word for goodbye, common farewell phrases, as well as formal and informal expressions for different settings.

By embracing these Norwegian goodbye customs and farewell expressions, you can bid farewell with authenticity and warmth. Whether you’re saying goodbye to friends, acquaintances, or colleagues in professional settings, the Norwegian language offers a range of expressions to suit each situation.

Remember, saying goodbye in Norwegian is not just about the words but also about understanding the cultural context. Being mindful of Norwegian farewell customs and etiquette will ensure your farewells are respectful and appropriate.

As you continue your language learning journey, we encourage you to practice these Norwegian goodbye phrases and incorporate them into your everyday conversations. If you’re looking to further enhance your skills, consider reaching out to us at the NLS Norwegian Language School at info@nlsnorwegian.no. Our language learning resources and courses can help you deepen your understanding of the Norwegian language and culture.


How do you say goodbye in Norwegian?

The word for goodbye in Norwegian is “farvel.” It is a common and polite way to bid farewell in Norwegian.

What are some Norwegian goodbye phrases?

Here are a few Norwegian goodbye phrases you can use:
1. Ha det bra! – Goodbye!
2. Vi sees senere! – See you later!
3. Takk for nå! – Thanks for now!
4. Adjø! – Adieu!
5. Vi snakkes! – We’ll talk!
Remember to adjust your phrase based on the formality of the situation.

Are there different expressions for formal and informal farewells in Norwegian?

Yes, in Norwegian, you can use different expressions based on the formality of the situation. For informal farewells, you can use phrases like “Ha det!” (Take care!) or “Vi snakkes!” (We’ll talk!). In formal settings, it’s better to use phrases like “Ha en god dag!” (Have a good day!) or “Farvel!” (Goodbye!).

What are some Norwegian farewell expressions for friends and acquaintances?

When saying goodbye to friends and acquaintances in Norwegian, you can use phrases like “Ha det bra!” (Take care!), “Vi ses!” (See you!), or “Kos deg videre!” (Enjoy the rest of your day!). These expressions create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Are there specific Norwegian goodbye phrases for professional settings?

Yes, in professional settings, it’s important to use appropriate Norwegian farewell phrases. Some examples include “Ha en fortsatt fin dag!” (Have a great day ahead!), “Takk for nå!” (Thanks for now!), or “Vi sees ved neste anledning!” (We’ll see each other on the next occasion!). These phrases convey professionalism and respect.

How can I express appreciation and well wishes while saying goodbye in Norwegian?

To express appreciation and well wishes while saying goodbye in Norwegian, you can use phrases like “Takk for hyggelig selskap!” (Thanks for the pleasant company!), “Lykke til videre!” (Good luck in the future!), or “Jeg håper vi møtes igjen snart!” (I hope we meet again soon!). These expressions add a heartfelt touch to your farewells.

Are there specific Norwegian goodbye phrases for different situations?

Yes, there are Norwegian goodbye phrases tailored to different situations. For example, when leaving a party, you can say “Takk for festen!” (Thanks for the party!) or “Ha en fin kveld videre!” (Have a lovely evening!). When ending a phone call, you can use “Ha en god dag videre!” (Have a good day ahead!). These situation-specific expressions enhance your conversational skills.

What are some cultural customs and etiquette for farewells in Norway?

In Norway, it’s common to shake hands while saying goodbye, even in informal settings. It’s also polite to maintain eye contact and use the appropriate level of formality based on the relationship. Remember to express genuine appreciation and well wishes in your farewells.

How can I practice saying goodbye in Norwegian?

To practice saying goodbye in Norwegian, you can:
1. Use the phrases regularly in your conversations with Norwegian speakers.
2. Listen to and repeat recordings of native Norwegian speakers saying goodbye.
3. Take part in language courses.

If you want to learn Norwegian, you can register for classes here. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become fluent in Norwegian.

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