Farewell Tips: How to Say Goodbye in Norwegian

Have you ever wondered how to bid farewell in Norwegian? Whether you’re planning a trip to Norway or simply want to expand your language skills, knowing how to say goodbye in Norwegian can make a lasting impression. But can you really master the art of Norwegian farewells? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction to Norwegian Farewells

Before we delve into specific phrases, let’s give you a brief introduction to Norwegian farewells. Norwegians value politeness and appreciate sincere goodbyes, so having a few farewell expressions in your repertoire will go a long way in creating positive interactions.

Basic Goodbyes in Norwegian

When it comes to saying goodbye in Norwegian, it’s helpful to know a few basic phrases. Whether you’re bidding farewell to friends, colleagues, or acquaintances, these expressions will come in handy in any context. So, let’s dive in and learn how to say goodbye in Norwegian!

1. Ha det

If you’re looking for a simple and casual way to say goodbye, “Ha det” is the phrase for you. Remember to pronounce it as “hah deh”.

2. Adjø

A slightly more formal option for farewell is “Adjø”. You can use this phrase when saying goodbye to someone you may not see for a while. It’s pronounced as “ah-DYOO”.

3. Vi ses senere

When you want to convey the message “See you later”, use “Vi ses senere”. This phrase is suitable for both formal and informal situations.

4. Ha en fin dag

To wish someone a good day as you part ways, say “Ha en fin dag”. It translates to “Have a nice day” and is commonly used in Norway.

Tip: Remember to smile and maintain eye contact when saying goodbye in Norway. Norwegians value politeness and sincerity in farewells.

Now that you’ve learned these basic Norwegian farewell phrases, you’ll be able to bid adieu in style. Practice these expressions and make your interactions in Norway more memorable!

Farewell Phrase Pronunciation Translation
Ha det hah deh Goodbye
Adjø ah-DYOO Farewell
Vi ses senere vee seh seh-NEH-reh See you later
Ha en fin dag hah en fin dahg Have a nice day

Casual Farewells in Norwegian

When it comes to bidding goodbye in a casual setting among friends and acquaintances, Norwegians have a variety of expressions that add warmth and charm to their farewells. By incorporating these popular Norwegian farewell words into your vocabulary, you can effortlessly connect with locals and leave a lasting impression.

1. Ha det

One of the most commonly used casual farewell expressions in Norwegian is “Ha det,” which translates to “Take care” or “Have a good one.” This versatile phrase is perfect for informal situations and can be used when saying goodbye to friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.

2. Vi snakkes

Another popular Norwegian farewell phrase is “Vi snakkes,” which means “We’ll talk.” This expression is often used when parting ways with someone and implies the intention to reconnect and continue the conversation in the future.

3. Hei hei

For a simple and friendly goodbye, Norwegians often use the phrase “Hei hei,” which is equivalent to “Bye bye” or “See you.” This lighthearted expression is commonly used among friends and is a casual way to bid farewell.

4. Hade bra

“Hade bra” is a Norwegian farewell expression that means “Take care” or “Have a good one.” This casual phrase is often used when saying goodbye to someone you know well and conveys a sense of warmth and goodwill.

5. Snakkes senere

If you’re planning to meet up with someone again soon, you can say “Snakkes senere,” which translates to “See you later.” It implies that you will see each other again in the near future and is a friendly way to say goodbye.

Remember, using these farewell expressions in the appropriate context can make your interactions with Norwegians more enjoyable and memorable. Now that you’re familiar with these popular Norwegian goodbye phrases, you’re ready to say goodbye in style!

Norwegian Farewell Phrase Translation Usage
Ha det Take care/Have a good one Informal goodbye to friends, colleagues, or acquaintances
Vi snakkes We’ll talk Implies the intention to reconnect; used when parting ways
Hei hei Bye bye/See you Simple and friendly goodbye among friends
Hade bra Take care/Have a good one Casual farewell to someone you know well
Snakkes senere See you later Indicates meeting up again soon

Formal Farewells in Norwegian

When it comes to formal settings in Norway, such as business meetings or official events, it’s important to know the appropriate phrases to bid farewell. Norwegians value respect and politeness, and using the right words is crucial. Here are some formal farewell expressions in Norwegian to help you navigate these situations:

Takk for nå

Literal translation: “Thanks for now”

This phrase is a formal way to say goodbye and express gratitude. It’s commonly used in professional settings and formal gatherings.

Ha en fin dag

Literal translation: “Have a nice day”

This is a polite way to say goodbye and wish someone a pleasant day. It can be used in formal or informal settings.


Literal translation: “Farewell”

Similar to “goodbye,” “farvel” is a more formal way of bidding farewell. It’s often used in situations where a lasting goodbye is expected.

Remember to maintain a respectful tone and use these phrases appropriately in formal settings. Practicing these expressions will ensure you can say goodbye in a formal manner with confidence.

Farewell Customs and Etiquette in Norway

Saying goodbye in Norway involves more than just words. Understanding the cultural customs and etiquette will help you navigate farewell interactions with ease. Here are some important customs to keep in mind:

Saying Farewell

In Norway, farewells are generally warm and friendly. It is common to greet each person individually and bid them farewell. Norwegians appreciate sincerity, so make sure to express your genuine wishes. A smile and a firm handshake are often exchanged, especially in formal settings. However, among close friends and family, a hug is also common.


When saying goodbye in Norway, it is customary to allow time for small talk and pleasantries. Norwegians value personal connections, so engaging in a brief conversation before parting ways is considered polite. Keep in mind that Norwegians value punctuality, so always arrive on time for farewell gatherings.

Gift Giving

While it is not mandatory to bring a gift when saying goodbye in Norway, it is a thoughtful gesture appreciated by many. If you choose to bring a gift, keep it modest and meaningful. Flowers, chocolates, or a bottle of wine are popular choices. Avoid overly extravagant or expensive gifts, as Norwegians appreciate simplicity and practicality.

Thank You Notes

If you have been a guest or received a farewell gift, sending a thank you note is a thoughtful way to express gratitude. Although not mandatory, a handwritten note sent within a week of the farewell is appreciated. Keep the note brief and sincere, acknowledging the person’s kindness and expressing your appreciation for the time spent together.

Farewell Parties

When saying goodbye to a group of friends or colleagues, it is common to host a farewell party. These gatherings provide an opportunity to bid farewell to everyone at once and express your gratitude for their friendship. As the guest of honor, it is customary to bring a small gift for the host of the party as a token of appreciation.

“Saying goodbye is not the end; it’s the start of a new chapter. Embrace the memories and look forward to the future.”

Farewell Customs Etiquette
Warm greetings Greet each person individually
Punctuality Arrive on time for farewell gatherings
Gift giving Choose modest and meaningful gifts
Thank you notes Send handwritten notes to express gratitude

By understanding and respecting the farewell customs and etiquette in Norway, you’ll be able to bid farewell in a way that reflects the warmth and sincerity of the Norwegian culture.

Additional Norwegian Farewell Vocabulary

Expand your repertoire of Norwegian farewell expressions with this additional vocabulary. Learning these phrases will not only make your goodbyes more meaningful but also showcase your cultural appreciation. Whether you want to bid a simple goodbye or express heartfelt sentiments, these words and phrases will add depth to your conversations in Norwegian.

Common Farewell Expressions

Here are some commonly used farewell expressions in Norwegian:

  • Adjø – Goodbye
  • Farvel – Farewell
  • Hade – Bye
  • Snakkes – See you later
  • Vi sees – We’ll see each other

Regional Variations

Norway has regional variations in language, and farewells are no exception. Here are a few regional phrases that you might encounter:

Region Farewell Phrase
Eastern Norway Hadet
Western Norway Hadet båt
Northern Norway Hadjon

Expressing Good Wishes

Saying goodbye is often accompanied by expressing good wishes. Here are some phrases to convey your well wishes:

  1. Ha en fin dag – Have a nice day
  2. Lykke til – Good luck
  3. God tur – Have a good trip
  4. Takk for nå – Thanks for now

These additional Norwegian farewell expressions will help you connect with locals and leave a lasting impression. Incorporate them into your language learning journey and watch as your conversations in Norwegian flourish with warmth and authenticity.


Congratulations! You have now reached the end of our guide on saying goodbye in Norwegian. We hope you found these tips and expressions helpful in your journey to master the art of farewells in Norway.

By incorporating these popular Norwegian farewell words and phrases into your vocabulary, you’ll be able to bid adieu in style and connect with Norwegians on a deeper level. Whether you’re planning a trip to Norway or simply wanting to learn a new language, these expressions will add charm and authenticity to your interactions.

Remember, Norwegians value politeness and appreciate sincere goodbyes, so using these Norwegian farewell phrases will help create positive and memorable experiences. Practice pronouncing them with confidence and enjoy the richness of the Norwegian language as you bid farewell to new friends and acquaintances.

So go ahead, embrace the cultural customs and etiquette of Norway, and add these wonderful words to your Norwegian repertoire. Goodbye in Norwegian is not just a phrase; it’s an opportunity to make lasting connections and leave a lasting impression. Tusen takk! (Thank you!)


How do you say goodbye in Norwegian?

The most common way to say goodbye in Norwegian is “Ha det” which means “Take care” or “Have a good one.” Another popular phrase is “Vi ses” which means “See you.”

What are some other Norwegian farewell phrases?

Aside from the basic phrases, Norwegians also use expressions like “Adjø” (Goodbye), “Snakkes” (Talk to you later), and “Ha en fin dag” (Have a nice day) to bid farewell.

Are there different ways to say goodbye in more formal settings?

Yes, in formal settings, it is common to use phrases like “Ha det bra” (Take care), “Takk for nå” (Thank you for now), or “Farvel” (Farewell) to show politeness and respect.

How do Norwegians say goodbye among friends?

Among friends and acquaintances, Norwegians often use casual phrases like “Hade” (Bye), “Snakkes senere” (See you later), or “Vi sees” (We’ll see each other) to say goodbye.

What are some important farewell customs and etiquette in Norway?

In Norway, it is customary to shake hands and maintain eye contact while saying goodbye. It is also polite to say “Takk for nå” (Thank you for now) or “Ha en fin dag” (Have a nice day) before parting ways.

Are there any regional variations in Norwegian farewell expressions?

Yes, regional variations exist in Norwegian farewell expressions. For example, in some regions, people may say “Adjø da” (Goodbye then) or “Hadebra” (Goodbye). It’s always interesting to learn these variations when interacting with locals.

How can learning Norwegian farewell expressions enhance my interactions?

Learning Norwegian farewell expressions adds charm and connects you with the local culture. Norwegians appreciate when foreigners make an effort to learn their language, and saying goodbye in Norwegian will leave a positive impression on your interactions.

Can you recommend any resources to further expand my Norwegian vocabulary?

There are several online resources and language learning apps that can help you expand your Norwegian vocabulary. Some popular ones include Duolingo, Babbel, and Memrise. These platforms offer interactive lessons and exercises to enhance your language skills.

If you want to learn Norwegian, you can register for classes here. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become fluent in Norwegian.

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